Many gym buffs that desire smartwatches for gym look for features that monitor calorie and treadmill running history.  This help meets personal goals and sculpts the body with less mental energy wasted. A great pedometer app can change the entire results of late-winter workouts, making the summer body better than ever.   The only problem for most, finding a watch that’s not going to cost a car or mortgage payment. Here are 3 tactical smartwatches with step counters that are cheaper than most.

First, the T1 Tact, the best bang for your buck.  This tactical timepiece is the most popular at the moment.  It’s become highly trendy as a ‘gift for men’ on social media site Facebook.   The smartwatch features a pedometer app that’s a bit ‘cooler’ with its 3 functions.   Beyond the step counter, there’s also a record kept of calories burned. After done with exercise, check the T1 for your total distance covered, then relax.   Let it monitor your sleep after lying down. This smartwatch retails for only $69.99 on the official brand site and is highly durable. The T1 Tact watch screen is not something you can break on accident, as it’s composed of the ‘bulletproof’ gorilla glass.  Be aware of the many fakes and stay away. “Replicas” lack features and are made of lower quality materials. If buying a secondary watch for work, style, and usability, this is the front runner for men in 2019

Second is the Garmin Instinct.  This watch is ‘cheaper’ in the world of smartwatches but far from a drop in the bucket.  It’s mentioned because of the high rating amongst fans of tact watches. Some may consider it cheap, if looking for something that costs over a ‘Benjamin Franklin note.’  The ‘Insctict’ has the coveted step counter for runners and retails for $299.99 if authentic. In addition to the step tracker, this workout buddy also has GPS and a heart monitor.    Use the GPS when setting off on a new hiking trail , then find your way back to the starting point with the watch. If a regular hiker to various trails, this is probably a champion offer to those who can afford it.

Third and last, the Fitbit Charge 2 is our last of the cheap smartwatches with a step counter.  Find it currently on sale via Groupon currently. It has a simple step counter, and very conveniently keeps the hand feeling free of wristwear.  About the size of 2 wide rubber bands, it’s amazing how many things this watch can do. Beyond the step counter it also tracks calories burned and sleep habits, just as the T1 Tact watch.  The current retail of this smartwatch is $99.99 and can be seen on the official brand website (click here).

What are the key differences of these 3 tactical watches?

The Charge 2 and T1  are priced lower. Both are under $100, with the T1 Tact Watch having a slight edge by $20 less.   The sizes of the watches are the biggest difference. Fitbits are as thin as two rubber bands making it great for comfort but less readable.    You can read the T1 Tact’s screen with a quick glance but the Charge 2 will not be so easy. Both have a step counter, shows total distance ran, and count calories burned during a workout.

The Garmin Instinct is triple the price of the two other watches.  However, it does have more features, including GPS. Viewing of information on the screen is just as easy as the T1 Tact Watch and the screen is also equally durable.  The animations of the watch are also a bit more entertaining than the other two smartwatches but the T1 again ranks close.


  • Ellen Saquiba

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