Not few among us intend to leave the firm they work to create theirs. No matter the number of years you use in a firm, how good or bad those working in the firm are or have turned, you should not do some certain things when you are about leaving.

I have seen many personnel of big companies leaving to create their own firms. It is a good decision, which is peculiar to serial entrepreneurs.

From Google to Uber, London to Texas, Silicon Valley to Yaba, successful managers especially those at the helms quit big firms to create their startups, while they are about leaving, many of them intentionally or inadvertently create unending problems for themselves and their about to be created company, through some certain behaviours. To make sure you don’t make the same mistakes, here are what you should not do when you are leaving a company, and the reasons you should not:

#1.Do Not Slam The Door.

You have been denied some opportunities in the firm you are working at present. You endured countless number of hard time from your superiors. Now, you are about leaving because you have plans of growing your own personal firm. This is a great step towards making a meaningful impact.

Meanwhile, are you quitting honourably or intend fighting the company before leaving? Are you planning to slam the door and forget you worked in that vicinity completely?

I attended a volunteer conference early this year. The facilitator narrated a tale of a man who left a company for another. He left, fighting his superiors for been underpaid.

The company knew they cheated him, they apoligised, but the man insisted to leave. While leaving, he raised opprobrium on the firm and those working in it. He went his way. Although, his impact was felt, but a substitute was gotten.

Not long, his present firm was bankrupt and was acquired by his former company. There, he met his previous superiors. May be he had forgotten his action, but his superiors did not. His action was on his forehead.

What do you think happened?

He was sent away or continued working with them?

Unfortunately, when reshuffle started, he was the first person to be sent away.

When you turned your co-workers to punching bag or decided to abuse them because you got a new job, a well-paid job. Or you are planning to kick start your own company. Expect a counter action from those you abused.

Lessons Learnt

Some people do not forget your action the same way you don’t forget your bad moment. Do not be a bad record for any company. Do not slam the door when you are leaving because you may knock again. And that time when you knock, who will open for you, the man who slammed the door in the past?

#2. Do Not Go Without Notice?

Why people go without notifying their firm is not very clear to me. You are leaving a company you have been working for sometime, and you think exiting without properly informing your firm is the best.

Nothing is bad in leaving a firm, but you should go without creating any havoc. Perfect your work before leaving. You can even volunteer to train the new replacement.

I met the founder of a Nigerian firm who had worked for a big company for 10 years. When he was leaving to create his engineering firm, he left with ease, perfected his work and designed his table to give room for the company to look for the best bet that could fill his position.

For doing that, he got compensations from his superiors and was maniacally recognised for serving his department wholeheartedly.

No longer than two months, he was called to render the same service he did for the firm on contract basis. You know what that amounts to? His new company was made an ad hoc contractor. The offer came from his employees because he notified them before leaving and not with fight. He made his first million from the firm within a month.

Lessons Learnt

Your former employees are your potential customers, when you are leaving them, notify them reliably.

#3.Do not Create Unending Problem for the company before leaving.

You want to leave a firm, why destroy it before leaving? Some years back, directors of some companies committed suicide when they allegedly their firms in bad shape. You are planning to create your company, while do you want to destroy the one you are at present working with?

When you go, the problems you created will continue to hunt you. You have created a bad reputation for your about-to-be-established company. Your supposed customers and ambassadors will turn your enemy in every way. When you need recommendations, it would be impossible for them to give you one.

Lesson Learnt

Your former employees could serve as your loyalists anytime. They are in the position to give you reference letter or recommend your new firm. Now that you have destroy ties with them, how would they recommend you?

You rushed out of a firm to create yours? It is not bad! What is bad is severing the ties with the firm. You never can tell if you will still need one or two help from the company.


  • Yusuff Olayode

    Electrical Engineer, ex-Contributor @HuffPost, Guest Author @Thrive Global

    Yusuff Olayode Yusuff is an Electrical Engineer, former Tech Contributor at Huffington Post, former content editor at TheTick Times.