Three Tips and Tricks To Make Your Employees Super Creative

Do you want your employees to be creative? When facing this question, most employers would most probably reply with an arched eyebrow. Creativity, they might tell you, is the preserve of billion-dollar tech companies. Most businesses just want their employees to follow the rules.

As it turns out, that approach of ‘going by the book’ puts businesses at a disadvantage. Firms that are more creative see better teamwork among their employees, have to deal with a lower turnover, and can attract more talented professionals with better problem-solving skills.

In other words, companies who are more creative tend to be more successful, both in the short as well as in the long-term. That’s why you might want to try out these three tips and tricks to make your employees super creative.

#1: Launch a ‘Dare to Try’ award

Even Thomas Edison had ninety-nine ideas that led to failure before the hundredth one led to the discovery of the electric bulb. The executives at your business need to be comfortable with failure, and only then the employees will feel the freedom to come up with and explore new ideas.

That’s precisely why few companies have come up with the ‘Dare to Try’ award to encourage their employees to come up with the most novel and daring ideas. While most of the ideas might be outlandish, some would be actionable. And it’s those few ideas that might help your firm’s profits to soar.

#2: Say ‘Yes’ more often

Know what the surest way of killing creativity among your employees is? Saying ‘No’ as soon as they come up with the idea that makes you uncomfortable. It’s like taking your smartphone off the phone charger station when its battery is about to die; no new idea will come out.

Therefore, encourage the executives at your firm to say ‘Yes’ more often. Once they have agreed with the idea, they could say ‘And’ to add something to the discussion. This way, while ideas that cannot be implemented would be ironed out, the person who came up with them won’t feel discouraged.

#3: Give your employees regular breaks

Research tells us that more creative people are the ones who take frequent breaks. Our brain has the tendency to blocking out everything when it becomes tired. That, in turn, results in the nose-diving of our focus and, by extension, our creativity.

Therefore, just as you put your smartphone on the charging station for phones so that its power is adequate in the hours to come to let you perform essential tasks, giving your employees regular breaks will recharge their minds and help them to come up with more innovative ideas.