Power of your mind

How do you handle setbacks?

Can you rewire your mind?

“Childhood experiences growing up in Assam, India through civil conflict India taught me to be resilient”

Naheed Khan

In today’s episode of The Curryup Leadership Podcast to spotlight purpose-driven Asian leaders making an impact, I talk to the wizard of the mind, Naheed Khan. She is a change architect and a futurist, who believes that the future is more than you think and she helps you create it.

We chat about the science behind Neuro linguistic processing that can make you perceive life differently.

Key takeaways:
? Spend the first 5 mins of your day or before going to bed to make a list of all things you are grateful
?? Focus your brain on pleasure rather than pain by knowing that others perception of you doesn’t matter
??Have a purpose in life by living life to the fullest and not being on autopilot

So, go ahead and learn how to make your mind work for you on Episode 77 of Curryup Leadership Podcast here.

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