Have you ever noticed that at certain times you’ll get a very loud voice or knowing to do something? 

You may hear it in your head or just seem to “know” that it’s the right thing to do.  If you are more linear thinking you’ll likely feel it in your body— a ‘gut reaction.’ 

 Usually  this extra sense occurs  when you are in a state of relaxation—no fretting, no anxiety, just being.

Better known as  FLOW.

 When we are in a state of super receptivity or flow, our intuitive channels are more receptive to information from the Universal Intelligent Space. That which is and holds vast amounts of information. 

As Albert Einstein stated:

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Intuition is the whisper of a gem of wisdom, or a path that is about to unfold or a knowing that something is going to happen. It even comes in the form of a directive.

I recently met a women who lost a very large sum of money because she didn’t listen to her own voice. She trusted other people and derailed her own wisdom. And she paid a high price for it. 

And the fascinating thing is, when we avoid listening to our intuition and have a glitch in life or business, we generally tell ourselves “I knew that. I should have listened!”

Rather than ‘should’ ourselves, let’s learn from our past attempts at forcing decisions against what we know was a telephone call from the Universe. 

From writer Florence Scovel Shinn:

Prayer is telephoning to God and intuition is God telephoning to you.

So here are 3 ways to increase your intuition so that you get the answers you’re looking for—sometimes when you least expect them. 😉

#1) Breathe and breathe with purpose. We are in action that is distracted most of the time. Phones, computers, people and places all serve as distractions. When you breathe with purpose you allow yourself the space to be grounded and present.

Grounded + present is a good formula to receive intuitive pings. 😉

#2) Avoid negative emotions towards self or others. This is because if we are in the negative aspect of our mind and emotions, we are further away from the Universal Intelligent Space. We’ve put greater distance between our “3D self” and our higher self.

Pivot the negative with gratitude or a positive thought about self or others.

#3) Ask for help and receive. Divinely receive. Most people have no idea the amount of information that they have access to. I want you to ponder the idea that you can receive more than ever before.

Most people forget to ask for help. By asking for guidance it’s like you turn on the speakers to the Universe. And by listening you get miracles….

…answers to tough questions

…guidance to help with uncertainty

… direction when you feel lost.

Receive with gratitude and avoid doubting. 😉

Need some help with this?  One of the ways to open your channels for a confident connection to your intuition is to meditate— but not in just any way.

When you meditate with a higher frequency, your entire being gets a soul scrub. 

This allows you to be clearer and drop stories of doubt and limitation. The Meditation Pod™ of Illumination Academy does just that. You can check it out here. 

 You are divinely created and with perfection. As strong as the muscles on your body are, is as strong as your intuitive channel may be.

Tap in, allow and receive.


  • Kisma Orbovich

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