While entrepreneurs are working around the clock it becomes essential to be able to respect time. After all, only 24 hours have been given to us in a day. So how much can you get done in that many hours?

“The idea is not to do as many things as possible but to do things that are up on the list and that truly matter to help you grow and succeed in your business.”

Instead of dragging and being too hard on yourself throughout the day, try to work on a routine that works best for you.

So if you are feeling you are not being productive enough and are not using your time efficiently here are three ways to increase your productivity:

1. Three To Five Goals Per Day: Many entrepreneurs follow this and it has proven successful for many. Nothing much complicated but just to focus on three to five goals everyday. So instead of starting your day with a long list of to-dos it is always better to go through and pick out the important goals that you want to accomplish for that day. For many this may seem like you are not getting any work done at all but in truth you are being more productive. Not only will it help you focus better but it gives you improved results. It is always a good idea to concentrate on the main issues rather than trying to get everything done all at once. This will result in better performance, improved decision making skills and importantly being able to prioritize your tasks. It is better to be 100% involved in a few things than just half-heartedly trying to finish everything wasting precious time and energy.

2. Exercise: Whether it’s in the morning or any other time of the day, try to incorporate an exercise session in your daily lifestyle. There are numerous benefits of doing exercise which scientific studies have shown. But in addition to physical benefits and all the abs that you can flaunt, exercise also aids in mental growth. Exercising can improve your brain function which can result in better memory and concentration to help you be more productive. Bringing your stress levels down it will also help you take better decisions in business which is very important for all entrepreneurs. So, whether it is a trip to your nearest gym, a walk or run in the park or even some little time on the yoga mat at home, make sure you get that body moving.

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3. Leisure Travel: Passion is one of the things that we all need to keep ourselves motivated and as entrepreneurs most of us are passionate about our ventures. But even if we are working at odd hours or through out the week we are humans after all. It is not about working non-stop because after some time it will only wear you down both mentally and physically. Realize that entrepreneurs are not robots instead humans at the end of the day. You need to recharge yourself after a period of time. It could be once a year or in six months. Whatever suits you best, traveling should definitely be on your calendar. Traveling will relax, boost your mood and get your energy levels high to perform better at work. Plus a new place, its people and experiences- who wouldn’t want that? So pick a destination and return back to work feeling refreshed and more productive than ever.

Remember when you become productive, you accomplish goals a lot faster than you’d imagine. So if you are thinking why you’ve not been feeling productive lately maybe it’s time to make some changes in your daily routine or make some travel reservations!

Originally published at www.upasanabhattacharjee.com on June 20, 2016.

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