3 Tips and Tricks to Make Yourself a Priority

One of the most difficult things to do these days is to remain happy. The doom and gloom scenario which surrounds all of us makes it almost impossible to find a ray of hope that would remove apocalyptic thoughts from our mind and fill it with those of joy and pleasure.

However, as anyone who has ever had to deal with grief will tell you, nobody can get us out of the bottomless pit of despair until we try ourselves. The responsibility of shunning all that negativity that lies around us these days and look for positivity is only ours.

With this fact in mind, let’s check out these three tips to seek happiness in tough times:

#1: Make someone else happy

Have a friend who is self-isolating alone as their family resides hundreds of miles away? Know a person who is taking the news too seriously? Then the best thing you could do for their (and your) sake is to do something that would make them laugh.

There are many ways you could do that. You can call them up and bring up that humorous incident you both shared back when you were together. You could talk about your favorite scene from the last comedy film you saw. Anything that might lighten their mood will do.

Provided you could make them laugh, your own spirits will be raised as well. You’d see that as you hear them laugh, all those negative thoughts in your head would evaporate.

#2: Celebrate small victories

Able to meet that deadline which your boss assigned to you now that you’re working from home? Give yourself a treat by binge-watching your favorite season for the next few hours. Cleaned your home like you haven’t done in years? Tell those in your friends’ circle and receive their witty congratulations.

Provided you do that, you’d see that your mood would be uplifted. The sense of accomplishment will, hopefully, help you take your mind away from negative events and fill your heart with joy.

#3: Organize a conference call with your friends

This is my favorite trip as I’ve acted on it multiple times in the past few weeks. Like most of you, I have also been restricted to my home for quite some time. Unable to see my friends and attend gatherings which I’d otherwise have done, I was feeling downbeat.

It was then it clicked in my mind that if we cannot meet, we can at least chat about the things that we love using the power of technology. Believe you me, it was like rinsing my negative thoughts with an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser – all of them were washed away!

Consequently, if you’re feeling downbeat, park all your unnecessary gadgets at the hand sanitizer dispenser stand, pick up your smartphone, and start a conference call with your BFFs.