We are living in uncertain times when it comes to health care. As we move from Obamacare to Trumpcare, a lot of people are wondering: Am I going to lose my coverage or will I have more choices? What’s going to happen to Medicare, to birth control, to the cost of insurance? What is the plan going forward?

Here’s the one thing you can control no matter what happens to the healthcare marketplace: You own your health. You are master and commander of your well-being.

In this week’s episode, Leslie breaks it down to three simple things all of us can do to stay healthy and optimistic as we move forward.

Step #1: Build a Strong Relationship with a Trusted Primary Care Physician

This person is the anchor of your well-being, and the one who can keep your health on track for years to come. This crucial relationship can become a lifesaver one day, but you have to do your part by getting in for regular physicals and preventive screenings.

Step #2: Record Your Family Health History

Write it down and share it with your physicians. It contains the information they need to anticipate any health problems that might arise in your family, and it gives them a better guide to the timing and frequency of preventive screenings.

Step #3: Monitor Your Health Status

Take a good, long look at the person in the mirror. Are you nurturing your body and getting the right amount of exercise? Eating well? Getting enough sleep? Taking good care of yourself is crucial to your overall physical health and feelings of optimism. So resolve to make small changes in your diet, exercise, and sleep habits so you can be your best during trying times.

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