What is the title of your book?

Ennobled for Success

Discover wisdom-filled lessons to support you in living an ennobled, empowered, and positive life

What is your name, title and website?

Name: Dr. Kasthuri Henry, PhD, CTP

Title: President & CEO, KasHenry Inc., Forbes Coaches Council, Faculty of North Park University and Southern Illinois University

Website: https://kashenry.com/EnnobledForSuccess/

What inspired you to write your book?

The everyday heroes of my life inspired me to write this book to demonstrate ennobling is not the prerogative of the well healed and affluent. It is the magic contained within the souls capable of compassion and embody the courage to be kind. This book is my humble show of gratitude to all the countless lives that have touched mine. I carry a piece of each one of them within me and hope this book serves as a reminder to open our hearts and look around us with compassion. Then act on that noble quality to be the change!

What do you want others to get out of your book?

Ennobled for Success is a reminder never to let our circumstances and attitudes of others define us. It aims to help readers take a journey within, find themselves, and relate to their “inner being” in an authentic manner to courageously embrace one’s soul and live life to its fullest. Every human interaction is an opportunity for our transformation. Our continued transformation is only hindered by our self-imposed limitations and blind spots. The process of getting ennobled to bring out our noble qualities help us take flight towards our purpose while being anchored to our authentic self.

How can we all move forward on purpose and with great purpose?

Each of our purpose lie in the intersection of our passion, our skill, and the need of society. Finding this purpose is an introspective process with the mindfulness of bringing forth a needed solution to society. The purpose of an individual and the greater purpose to serve a need are there for interconnected. When our right brain chemistry is fueled by gratitude to bring out our noble qualities of kindness, compassion, and empathy to meet the need we see around us, then everything we do is enhanced by authentic relationships to build a sustainable self-healing ecosystem making shared prosperity possible.

What is something each of us can do to SHINE?

We shine by letting our inner light become visible. Our inner light emanates from our soul. Therefore, the ability to shine can only be accomplished by “connecting with our being to purposefully channeling our doing”. In the absence of that connection between the being and doing, anything we do would be mere motion in futility. Ennobled for Success is filled with stories and lesson learned to chart the individual course to SHINE. The most important thing we each must do is take that journey within and build an authentic relationship with oneself! Then draw from within to SHINE!

What does Thriving mean to you?

Thriving is about flourishing with a purpose, far exceeding the state of mere existence. When we connect with our being and develop an authentic relationship with ourselves, we allow every human interaction to transform us into a better version of ourselves. At that stage in our human development, we organically start thriving. Kindness, empathy, and compassion ennoble us to cultivate lasting bonds that facilitate the process of thriving with mindfulness so we can build to last with win-win partnerships. 

Are you planning another book or other launches?

Yes, I already have three books in the works, namely:

  1. A book I am co-authoring with my husband on the importance of having the right life partner to live harmoniously with mindfulness.
  2. A book I am co-authoring with a business partner on building resilience to effectively lead sustainable lives.
  3. A book about balancing the interest of individuals, organization, and society to shape a more perfect union. 

I look forward to bringing all these books forward over the next couple of years.

Where can we get your book?

Amazon and at various bookstores in different countries.  Please follow me on social media and sign-up for updates at https://kashenry.com/EnnobledForSuccess/ for real time updates.

How can we follow or get in touch with you?

Follow me at:

eMail: [email protected]

What is one thing you would tell others if they want to bring their message forward?

Whether you realize it or not, telling your story can change someone’s life and show they are not alone. By writing your story, you are giving others permission to voice their feelings and thoughts. You are giving others hope and a path towards resolution. If you need a writer to partner, reach out to individuals like me and we will co-author your story and bring your work forward. No journey in life is embarked alone. Lean in and take that first step. You will be surprised how well the universe is in tune as it will rise-up to meet you!

Anything else you would like to add?

Being born a persecuted minority Tamil Hindu girl in a war ravaged island to becoming a young US CFO in my early thirties, being recognized as Finance Executive of the Year, and teaching graduate school are what the world sees as success. To me, “knowing that the light in my soul lights up my path, daring me to shine on” is the true accomplishment. Success is knowing what matters and what is lasting. Then living an unapologetic life of gratitude wrapped in kindness, compassion, and empathy in a world that considers them human weakness is the mark of courageous triumph!