1. What is the title of your book?

Bright Spots: Motivation and Inspiration to Light Your Path in a Changing World

2. What is your name, title and website?

Sophie Roumeas – Therapist, coach and writer

3. What inspired you to write your book?

This book is an anthology meant to bring hope and inspiration to people in these specific global turbulent times. I had the great opportunity to contribute by writing one chapter, and I made a new personal experience out of the writing process.

My own contribution turned into a global message that I channeled while traveling in an airplane to North this summer 2020; a 1000-words chapter or so, named The Angel’s Wings. I am used to make aura reading for people, but this experience was surprising for me by somewhat raw information I received during my automatic writing. The theme is mainly about collective and individual consciousness and energetical awakening.

4. What do you want others to get out of your book?

This book is a collective anthology. Each share an experience about personal development, resilience, intuition, wisdom… to enhance positivity, hope and inspiration.

Even if our stories were to touch the heart of only one person, our writing is meaningful. I wish that the people who read this anthology find at least one sparkle of light to nourish their spirit, mind and soul. I know that this book is a great support to harvest many insights.

5. How can we all move forward on purpose and with great purpose?

I am convinced that the future of our Planet resides in the balance between our individual and collective consciousness. We are all naturally gifted and our talents are meant to be of service. We need to elevate each other as it is need now more than ever to support each other for reaching a collective awakening.

6. What is something each of us can do to SHINE?

Dare to be a lighthouse. Every day we can choose to spread light and love. From light or shadow, whatever comes from outside, whatever shows up from inside, let’s be humble and ask for support when needed; we don’t always feel shiny but we can choose to become a lighthouse.

7. What does Thriving mean to you?

I feel that Thriving is an attitude.

8. Are you planning another book or other launches?

Yes! I plan to write a book for the end of the year, or the very beginning of 2021.

9. Where can we get your book?