1. What is the title of your book?

Alcohol-Free, Straight Up with a Twist; a 101-day journey toward easy sobriety.

2. What is your name, title and website? J.W. Collier, Author, https://xstopwriting.com 

3. What inspired you to write your book?

I quit drinking and decided to write a blog as a way of keeping myself accountable. I wrote a blog every day for the first 160 days of my sobriety. I decided to turn the first 101 days of my blogs into a book. I believe it is an honest account of my experience and mindset, and I feel it will be helpful for those embarking on their sober journeys. This book is a prelude to my second book where I will write about how I believe easier sobriety is not only possible but also plausible. 

4. What do you want others to get out of your book?

I want people to hear and see the positivity in my experience. I want others to realize our perceptions hold an enormous amount of weight over our experiences. What we say, feel, believe, and how we act all influence our experience. In sobriety, this can make the difference between incredibly difficult sobriety and easy sobriety. 

5. How can we all move forward on purpose and with great purpose?

I have written a lot about intention. I feel we, as a society, tend to settle into the more comfortable routines of life. By doing this, we do not focus on purpose because we are no longer striving for anything. We have to maintain a sense of purpose by living with intention. I try to set intentions for every day, week, month, and year. This keeps me striving for more than what I am today, every day. 

6. What is something each of us can do to SHINE?

Step outside our comfort zone every single day. We may not shine every day, but we will shine on some days if we put ourselves in the position to do so. We cannot shine if we are not seen. 

7. What does Thriving mean to you?

Thriving happens when a person lives intentionally. When a person works toward a goal every single day, regardless of how big or small, they are working toward a goal. This creates worth, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment. Thriving is subjective to each of us individually. Thriving means living well. 

8. Are you planning another book or other launches?

Yes. I will be finishing my sequel to Alcohol-Free, Straight up with a Twist. It will be titled, “Easy Sobriety” and will outline how I believe a person can write their own program.

9. Where can we get your book?

It will be available on kindle and in print through Amazon.

10. How can we follow or get in touch with you? 

Facebook: https://facebook.com/xstopwriting

11. What is one thing you would tell others if they want to bring their message forward?

Be true to your goals, set daily intentions, and write every single day. 

12. Anything else you would like to add?

I truly want people to believe in the power of positive self-talk, perception, and choice.