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Welcome to Thrive Global! Founded by Arianna Huffington, Thrive Global is a behavior change technology company committed to changing the way we work and live. 

If you have been invited or accepted to join our contributor network, we would love to hear from you about any of the following topics:

Mental Well-Being and Stress Management: Stories about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Topics can include burnout, stress, health, fitness, nutrition, , self-confidence, happiness, and other stories about improving mental well-being and resilience and reducing stress and burnout. We welcome submissions about times you may have struggled to thrive but discovered tools — or received specific advice — that helped you on your journey to greater well-being; please share the small steps you’ve taken that have led to big improvements in your mental or emotional well-being, and how you’ve dealt with stress during major life milestones.

What Success Means to You: Share your stories about creativity, productivity, work culture (and working with colleagues or bosses), reducing financial stress, leadership, finding meaning and purpose at work, integrating work and life successfully, bringing your whole self to work, and rising above challenges.

Relevant Takes on News: We want to read your reactions, opinions, and analysis of stories in the news or in popular culture that are relevant to Thrive.

Unplugging & Recharging: Share your perspective on digital connectedness, social media, how you manage your relationship with your devices, wake-up-call moments you’ve had with technology, how you disconnect, and your relationship with sleep.

Life Inspiration: Submit your stories about parenting and co-parenting, interpersonal relationships (romantic, family, friends), dealing with death and grief, quieting negative self-talk, and inspirational philosophy, art, travel, wonder, and the power of giving back.

Now that you have a sense of what topics to write about, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when submitting your pieces. Remember, you must have permission from the copyright holder to use any third-party text, photos, videos, or other content:

1. Please link to all sources, studies, research, and medical/health facts that you mention in your post.

When referencing a study, please link to the study abstract or full text of the study — or an article summarizing the research from a reputable source like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, CNN, or Scientific American. For health and medical facts, please link to hospital- or university-affiliated websites, National Institutes of Health sites, and studies or study abstracts, rather than online articles or other indirect sources. Please note that it’s always good to acknowledge the other side of ideas, such as any critics’ concerns about study findings or theories. Similarly, if you choose to quote someone else, or a book or film you feel is relevant, make sure to put the quote in quotation marks, and provide the source where you found it. In the event that your post contains any factual errors, we will flag the post to you to correct the error. We may unpublish your post while you are correcting the error, and we require you to append a correction notice to any piece that is unpublished and resubmitted stating the reason for the initial unpublishing of the post.

2. Don’t tell other people’s stories, particularly patients’ medical stories.

Thrive Global does not publish articles from medical professionals telling their patients’ stories in detail, as we cannot verify that patients have given their permission to do so. If you are a therapist, for example, you may want to cite a brief anecdote from a time you worked with a patient to better illustrate your point. If you’d like to share such a snippet, you must make sure to change or omit any details that will make the patient identifiable to others or violate their privacy. For instance, if you write, “I once treated a pediatric nurse who lived and worked in a suburb of Denver,” that patient would be identifiable. A better description would be, “I once treated a medical professional who worked with children.” If you think your patient’s full story is a great fit for Thrive, please also encourage them to write it themselves, as we’d love to hear it in their own words!

3. Thrive Global does not publish contributor pieces that are promotional in nature, endorse supplements or medications, or that offer prescriptive medical advice.

Do not publish any posts that promote or link to a product, service, or business. Do not publish any posts that a third party pays you to write, or include any links to products in your post. Accepting products or services (e.g., meals, gifts, flights or transportation) from people or companies in exchange for being mentioned in your post is against Thrive Global’s policy. Undisclosed payments for media coverage violate not only Thrive Global standards, but also the Federal Trade Commission rules on deceptive advertising. If you are writing about a client or any party with whom you have a relationship, make sure to disclose that relationship.

4. Thrive Global seeks to publish pieces that are relevant to our core topics (as listed above), and does not publish explicit, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate content.

While Thrive publishes work on a broad range of topics (see list above), your writing must be relevant to those core topics. If it is not, we reserve the right to decline the submission. Additionally, we respectfully ask that you not use inappropriate, explicit, derogatory, or otherwise offensive language. We reserve the right to censor curse words and other similar language, and to decline pieces that violate these editorial guidelines.

Please note that we may remove content that doesn’t adhere to these guidelines or that we deem an inappropriate fit for our platform.

Please also note: On occasion, our editors may update your headline or featured image to make your post as social- and search-friendly as possible.

Don’t forget, you must have permission to use any third-party text, photos, videos or other content, and all such items must be published in accordance with the Contributor Code of Ethics on our Terms and Conditions page.

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