Italy has always been considered the most romantic countries in the world to have a wedding. There are many places in Italy that are attractive to lovers, so what makes the Florence unique?

History and Modern Society

The history of this breath-taking area is vast. Many wars have been fought for the customs and traditions Tuscany offers today. The world-class collections of art, culture, sculpture, and history are so in-depth, that there are no words to do it justice.

When you venture into Tuscany, you feel as if you’re are living in another time. There are beautiful castles with massive courtyards. Hire a local tour guide. The areas that house magnificent works of art are well-known. However, it takes a local to show you the details that are not on the main roads.

Unexpected luxury

Guests are in awe of the historical sights that greet them when they exit the plane. Brides and grooms often have a dual opinion. They may want the historical thrills of Florence, but when it comes to the venue, they may prefer a beautiful and modern hotel. They may want the modern decor of a 5-star hotel. They may want an indoor pool, a lovely hot tub, and a room with a glamorous view. Room service and champagne brunch,

The bride’s gown must be her dream dress. She must have it designed, altered, and fit before she leaves for Florence. This ensures that the wedding will be exactly what the couple has dreamed of.

Do It Your Way!

Of course, your wedding is the main event. But you do not have to have the same type of honeymoon that everyone else does.

You are traveling to Italy. The trip, grace, and beauty of Tuscany are etched in everyone’s memory of your life.

While in Italy, you must visit Rome. The most powerful country in the world for many years. This is your honeymoon, you can do unusual things, Consider buying a two-piece gown or a wrapped skirt. If you would like your bridesmaid and best man to join you if you choose.

Wear the bridal top and the short skirt you purchased, or wear it with dress pants or jeans and heels. The groom can easily dress himself down. Jeans instead of dress pants. The button-down shirt without the tie, The two of you (along with your friends) can stand in front of a few tourists, skip the hoopla an just exchange your vows and promises. Sign your name, date, and a photo of your spouse, Do this at every fine location you visit, Go on a tour of the finest wineries and taste the difference,

Photo credit Luiz M Santos

It is your honeymoon

You have traveled around the world. You have had a formal wedding and sworn your love forever. You traveled yet again, for your own, private, ceremonies. These private vows were only witnessed by your closest friends.

Now, it is your private honeymoon. This is a custom that stays “We are a legal couple in your eyes. We are spiritually joined as one, in ours.”

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Keep your return to the states private

You can experience the United States like never before. Use the funds from your Honeyfund to charter a plane. Fly first class and see the things you always wanted to. See the Twin Towers Memorial, the Golden Gate Bridge, The White House, or The Great Rockie Mountains. There are so many wonders in the United States. Yet some of us do not even see the sites like the Grand Canyon, The Northern lights, or the Statute of Liberty.

Your wedding will be a once in a lifetime experience. Ake your honeymoon just as special. Enjoy your wedding and honeymoon. Then when you are forced to return to ”normal lives” your bond will be strong.

That bond, those promises, the vows are forever in your hearts and minds.