Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I’ll be happy when I . .

Get that promotion”

“Lose ten pounds”

“Find my soul mate”

“Finish this project”

“Take a vacation”….

You get the drift. Habitual thinking that we’re not worthy of happiness until some ideal version of ourselves is attained is not uncommon. The problem is, even if that ideal condition is achieved, there’s always a new one on the horizon.

Maybe it’s time to flip that idea. Maybe health and well-being have more to do with embracing what is now and finding happiness in the energy of the present moment. Finding a way to pause and see clearly, using lovingkindness to accept what’s true today without giving up on what’s possible tomorrow, can help us tap into our innate power to move forward in the direction that we choose. Often, it’s the lack of belief in this power, or self doubt that gets in the way of our ability to thrive. But we all have it. We all have within us the innate potential to live a life rich with purpose, meaning, connection and vibrant wellbeing.

Thriving in the moment doesn’t mean that life is always as we wish it to be. Rather, we learn to see the bigger picture and stay present to fully experience all that life has to offer. It’s in those present moments that we understand the power of choice in creating a life of thriving. We begin to see the connection between how we think and how we act. We recognize the ability to choose both, and even get curious about our choices. We start to understand the interconnectivity of all parts of ourselves and our choices, or our dimensions of wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter what your current situation is. What matters is that you choose to explore and let go of limiting beliefs and doubts, and take one step at a time towards whole hearted living. This requires a willingness to be vulnerable and that can be scary, but the experiences you’ll have as a result of ‘opting-in’ to this life will be much fuller and more real, than those you’ll have by choosing to just ‘get by’.

If you’re ready to Thrive to Health, having a coach can be a powerful asset. Wellbeing Solutions coaches use an online wellbeing management system that the Stanford Research Institute called a “foundational wellness tool”, you can check it out here: http://www.mywellbeingjourney.com/wm/Harshbarger.

The dimensions of wellbeing include: Self Love & Self Responsibility, Breathing, Sensing, Eating, Moving, Feeling, Thinking, Communicating, Intimacy, Playing & Working, Finding Meaning and Transcending. After assessing your behaviors and motivations in each area, you will be guided to transform your life and create a life of health, happiness and high level wellbeing.

Originally published at medium.com