Today, if we choose to look more deeply, one thing that has been governing several industries, sectors, businesses and fields, is the world of social media. There is probably no one who doesn’t want to be a part of the same. However, if a medium presents enormous opportunities for people to grow their reach and presence, it must also be worked around responsibly, says one of the well-known social media lawyers from Italy named Riccardo Lanzo.

He explains that there is no doubt in online world is changing the game for many brands, people and businesses, but one has to act responsibly and make sure they intentionally or unintentionally do not get into disputes of any kind for them to maintain and grow their brand image and reputation on social media. 

Just like people are sometimes more conscious about maintaining their reputation on the medium, so are companies. It is essential for them to know how they can protect their reputation on social media, for which the astute social media lawyer has come forward. Someone very rightly said that it might take years to build a name but a few minutes to ruin it. For one to not get entangled in any false claims, defamation or disputes, they must focus on the points mentioned by him below.

  • Content publishing going wrong: In a company scenario, it can happen that multiple employees may have access to their corporate social accounts. People may post unsupervised content on the medium, which may not identify with the company’s image or may have poor taste.
  • Posting controversial: Unknowingly or knowingly posting anything that could further harm the company’s image by posting anything related to current controversies can show the company in a bad light, highlights Lanzo. Hence, social media lawyers like him play an important role in brand reputation.
  • Poor strategies: Many influencers, brands and companies may sometimes post things without even knowing whether it will reap them any benefits, reach or presence. This is because of the poor strategies they may adopt, which can also lead them to get into uncalled for disputes. It is essential to devise winning strategies that can help them protect their name.

Lanzo, who is a well-known author as well, wants companies and people to know that social media crisis can happen with anyone, but one needs to be extremely careful, be well-prepared, be well aware and take help from expert social media lawyers like him to stay away from such controversies.