The rules have changed in our hybrid world, and we’ve all had to make adjustments to the way that we work and live. Here are five tips for thriving both on and off the job in our new environment:

  • Continue to Network. Just because you’re spending a larger portion of the day behind your computer screen doesn’t mean that you should be hiding out there. Ensure that you devote ample time to connecting with others both internally (on the job) and externally (in your larger network). Set a goal to connect with a few people each week so that you forge new connections and solidify existing ones. You should also attend a few in-person events as well (yes, in person). You’ll quickly realize how much you’ve missed them.
  • Work on Your Communication. For many of us, our communication skills have weakened during the pandemic. Turn this loss around by leveraging video and audio whenever you can. Resist the temptation to communicate solely by email/texts and ditch being lazy in terms of relaying information. Go out on a limb and pick up the phone and use video whenever you can. Your attitude and relationships will improve as a result.

  • Focus on Visibility. Because we have less face time now, staying visible digitally has become even more important. So put your thought leadership content out there and add value to those in your network by sharing your ideas and expertise. You want people to see you even when you are not being seen in the office every day!

  • Get Outdoors. More time at home is nice but we also need to spend more time outside now too. Grab some fresh air during your breaks, take walks, and soak in that vitamin D.

  • Practice Self-Care. Most importantly, make sure that you are taking enough time for yourself. Our hours working versus living have become even more blurred due to our hybrid schedules. Focus on the people and things that are important to you, and on spending time doing what makes you happy. Get enough sleep and exercise too. You deserve it!