Each and every one of us can choose to have access to the experience of true abundance, because it already inhabits us and it is our common shared essence and value. This abundance is where we humans, function at our best.

Survival Mechanisms

Achieving this level of participation from abundance requires some training, as we grow in a context where we are taught to enhance survival mechanisms, rather than human sustainability skills: thriving skills, which rely on letting the essential flow within and through us, establishing a communication between individuals forming collectives. Human Sustainability is to be responsible aware and willing, is to ride, that frequency that seeks to transcend the form, through participation and empathic connection with the other, to be competent rather than competitive. Whoever exercises their thriving skills becomes a creator, leaving behind the passive observer, experiencing the dynamism on which the continuity of life is based. True Service

True Service

When this exchange is based on pity or condescension, it is limited. When the will to share comes from love, an infinite flow is accessed and it is a pleasure to become conduits through which movement can arise and oxygenate our contextual universes.

Our motivation to share cannot be the individual gratification of a feeling of indulgence towards the less fortunate, that one who, for some reason foreign to their own will or merits, is at a disadvantage in the eyes of others. Complete oxygenation of the ecosystem cannot be achieved if the method is to dishonor the pain of others. When we experience pity and act from there, we reinforce that frequency where there is separation and subtract the essential value from the one we “help.” Service is based on the deep dignity and celebration of the essence, shared from a space where we all wage our own battles, supporting one another.

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  • Claudia Flores


    Human Sustainability Project

    Claudia Flores is a Mexican-born philanthropist, social entrepreneur, and activist who has devoted her life to service and the positive transformation of the planet. As the founder of the Human Sustainability Project, Claudia synthesizes her decades of experience in social impact work and psychology. She is currently in development of educational offerings that provide opportunities for people from all over the world to experience the resilience, peace, and creativity with which she lives her own life. As the devoted mother of three children, in 2020 Claudia is committed to empowering parents to consciously address the challenging issues of today through personal responsibility. These educational programs and transmedia offerings support parentings in leading Conversations Worth Having and in responsibly responding to global issues with their children. Under Claudia’s leadership, and in partnership with remarkable non-profit organizations and shared mission partners, the Human Sustainability Project is poised to become a beacon of empowerment for parents, teachers, students, activists, artists, corporations, and more.