Dr Mark T Wade Host of The Virtual Summits Podcast

“Find a small topic and dive deep into it.”

Dr. Mark T. Wade, Host of the Virtual Summits Podcast

Provide content that’s granular and actionable to become bingeable.

As we have all been pushed into a more remote existence, the need for virtual summits has never been more prevalent. Virtual summits are one of today’s most effective ways to collaborate online, generate leads, connect with clients on a larger scale, and cover more content in less time. Of course, Dr. Mark T. Wade could not have foreseen this “new normal” we are living but his foresight into the importance and effectiveness of virtual summits put him well ahead of the curve and already established as an expert as this pandemic became real.

Dr. Mark T. Wade of the Virtual Summits Podcast

Creating Space for Impact

Wade’s podcast, aptly named Virtual Summits Podcast, takes listeners into every corner of virtual summits from interviewing, to prepping your speaker, controlling your summit, and everything in between. His goal is to empower and encourage his listeners to really do the work that’s important so they can share their message and impact with the world.

“It breaks my heart that I see people out there, who are just like me, and they’ve got people telling them not to follow their dreams or that they’re crazy, and they believe it and they give up. That potential impact is lost. Who knows how many lives they would’ve touched or changed. So where I used to be focused on building my own legacy, now my focus is to help as many people as I can build their own legacy.”

Dr. Mark T. Wade, Host of the Virtual Summits Podcast

Speaking of Legacies

Wade was pulled from pre-med during his military days and sent to Iraq at the age of 20-years old. His first encounter with death left him worried about the impact he might have on the world. He vowed to himself if he survived his combat tour that he would spend the rest of his life building his legacy. His commitment to that vow took him through two doctorate degrees where summits became a way that he could serve more patients in less time. Wade’s journey to create an impact in the world has provided some amazing opportunities for him to grow multiple businesses and see success in every direction.

What’s In A Name

The stress of naming your show can be overwhelming. For Wade, his wavering landed him in the world of simplicity- the best place to be really. After asking for advice and going back and forth on what he wanted to convey with his name, he decided to go clear, concise, and simple. The show’s name says exactly what the show is about which makes it easy for listeners to know exactly what they’re getting when they show up to listen.

Simplicity Across the Board

Speaking of simplicity, one of Wade’s philosophies for his show is all about simplifying the important topics and leaving the rest behind.

“It’s so easy to get into the mindset of having to do everything larger than life and to pick the most difficult concepts and that can put so much pressure on you as a host, and then guess what? The episode will reflect that and it might lack clarity or organization. The best episodes are always the ones that hit really simple pain or “need to know” points and just lay the concept out in every direction possible.”

Dr. Mark T. Wade, Host of the Virtual Summits Podcast

Wade also pointed out that he will often get the same questions from listeners over and over, and he uses those questions to build his “strategy sessions” which are topic-specific, short episodes.

Good Podcasting Rules to Live By

Becoming bingeable has a lot to do with having a process and strategy to continuously build your brand and uplevel your expertise.

  1. Keep it clear and keep it simple- this goes for names, topics, shows, etc.
  2. Be specific about your unique expert positioning.
  3. Be clear within your niche. You can’t be everything to everyone.
  4. Create a podcast that’s about your business. Keep your focus here.
  5. Focus on and solve the main issues and pain points.
  6. Lead your (potential) clients to that content everywhere and every way you can.

Binge Factor: Wade’s ability to make everything granular and actionable with no-nonsense solutions is unmatched. Listeners cannot stop listening because they want to get to that next expert tip knowing that everything they’ve heard up to that point has been absolutely useful and worthy of their time. Add to that his energy and dedication to helping others get their voice and message out for the world to hear.

Living within your purpose, like Wade so clearly is, creates a contagious environment and that’s what bingeability is really. It’s being in a place where it connects so well that you just don’t want to leave. This is what Wade has created with his show and for his listeners — a place they feel good and want to keep coming back to.

Dr. Mark T. Wade of the Virtual Summits Podcast shares the best ways to:

1) Book Great Guests. Be very selective.

2) Increase Listeners. Never stop talking about your show.

3) Produce in a Professional Way. Constantly hone your skills.

4) Encourage Engagement. Push listeners to social media.

5) Monetize. Provide free resources to get buy in.

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