There is something MAGICAL when I am able to touch others in a spiritual and inspirational way.

I have had so many people contact me and tell me about their own journeys and ask advice from me. To be able to have the opportunity to listen to people and share personal stories about themselves is magical. I have come to realize that we all have challenges that we are trying to work on so we can be the best version of ourselves.

I ran into a buddy of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while and he asked me “how are you doing?’ just like anyone would ask if you hadn’t seen them so long. I paused and uttered……


He looked at me with a confused face because he thought I was ill, in trouble or just going crazy. The reason why I responded is that I am literally thriving to move my boulder onward & upward. Aren’t we all?

Reality is not easy. Every day I wake up there is something new coming towards my way and I could choose to either crawl into a ball and give up or stand up strong and battle through what life throws my way. As cliché as that sounds, it’s so true. Obviously, I did not go in this great depth when speaking with him for that short moment but that’s what I was thinking of at the time. Hoping that I planted a seed!

I have realized lately that we all have different battles that we struggle with internally and externally on a daily basis even if it’s on a subconscious level. Instead of trying to thrive every day, for the longest time, I would theatrically put a Band-Aid on myself every day and would rip that same Band-Aid and put a new one over and over and not let myself heal. When I awaken to that I was just trying to survive and not thrive I found my “aha” moment…my new self-awareness.

Retraining our thoughts and decision making to move from surviving to thriving requires to be MINDFUL, be HONEST and AWARE.
My “mind changers” :

Taking moments to BREATH.

REFLECTING on all the amazing opportunities that are being given to me right now.

Meditating on the definition of THRIVE: Grow, Develop Vigorously & Flourish.

My Must! Wake up & Go to bed being THANKFUL & GRATEFUL.



  • Baron Hahn

    Web Content Producer


    I am a native of Winter Park, Florida. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, I am presently living and working in San Francisco as a Web Content Producer, working in partnership with stakeholders across Timbuk2. I am responsible for the coordination and execution of Timbuk2 website related projects ensuring consistency with company strategy and business objectives. Working, dreaming and placing one foot in front of the other is the daily cadence. It’s exciting to muse about the next chapter in my life and the challenges and opportunities that will unfold. Life lessons fuel me every day to be more aware of my physical, mental and spiritual growth and development. Sharing my stories with friends and family brings such joy.   Excited and humbled when any of my stories help or inspire others.