Before We Make it Worse, Just For Fun: Throw Some Skills At It!

When #MotivationMonday is more like #Meh Monday

Jumping into Monday like… sike! It’s ️ and dreary af, it’s Monday, and I’m over here like “what weekend?!?” Before you start judging yourself and comparing your life to someone else’s on social media #throwsomeskills at it! We can practice #actingasif and #oppositeaction

Step 1. Acceptance: “This is happening” Demanding that we feel differently than we do doesn’t work!

Step 2: Non-judgement: Should is an asshole, no FIOing (Figure It Out) Figure it out is not a skill. When thoughts like “I shouldn’t feel this way” or “what’s my deal?” say something like “no thank you!”

Step 3. Self Validate: It makes sense that I would be feeling this way, it is Monday after all. I am tired, overwhelmed, anxious, mad at a friend, frustrated with my parnter – pick one and validate yourself!

Step 4. Decide you are going to be in control of your experience, you get to choose skills over discomfort.

Step 5: Acting as if or Opposite action. Both these amazing skills are worthy of their own blog so forgive the oversimplification here for the purpose of efficency and relevancy.

  • ACTING AS IF: I don’t actually feel this way but I am going to act as if since feelings aren’t facts and my feelings don’t have to rule my life and actions. Pro Tip: I like to think about characters that I can embody to activate a certian POV or approach to life. i.e I am Oprah, I am going to approach this day like Oprah is driving. (Oprah crushes it on Mondays btw)
  • OPPOSITE ACTION: Identifying the emotions state you are in and then acting opposite to it. i.e I’m not going to work, nah, do it- go to work. I am going to cancel my lunch plans, nah, do it- go to lunch. Similiar to acting as if. You are using the skill of acting your way into feeling better, this is sometimes hard because you have to do it all the way, you can’t halfass opposite action or it doesn’t work. If you are struggling with this return to Step 4.

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