When you go inside of the interior of a home, it’s the pleasantries of it all, which speaks wonders about a person’s balance with space. There is life and re-generation, when a home is in balance. Structure, positioning of one’s interior decor, and the scents (and vibes) moves one into a higher ascension. You don’t simply walk through the Earthly atmosphere, through an ordinary way. On the contrary, you begin to move through the Universal way.

Entering into a Chinese domain, there is an intrinsic vibe, which is like a perfume. The aromas spray, throughout the atmosphere. So, here we are; back into the world of the Peking Opera scene. A legend sings on. Inside of such a world, he moves through the home; highlighting its intricacies and tales. Incense is sprayed throughout the space. The vibe is calm and centering for a perfect reflection. Love moves throughout the interior. The lead character within the film is comforted. There are lots of things to learn. There is a great emphasis on learning the meanings of sensitivity, when it comes to space. Grappling on. Moving on. Gliding on the floor, with the gentle nectar of the carpentry and space.

The song sings of an eloquent taste. The high pitch is mesmerizing. What may be considered a high shriek is also part of the loving concept for removing toxicity from the atmosphere. Let’s ponder on interior cleansing, for just one moment in this time.

Mei Lanfang