Tidal Travels: MIAMI

Miami is literally a hot spot – geographically and culturally, and it’s only getting cooler (culturally, not geographically lol). As with any coastal city, flip-flops are a necessity for nearly every day of the year. And with the growing influx of creative minds and art-focused brands and companies (in part due to Art Basel establishing one of their satellite annual festivals in Miami) and we wanted to kick off our Tidal Travels series with a quick trip to one of the hottest cities in the USA!

Below you’ll find some of the trendy spots we visited, dinners and dive bars, lounges we love, and creative spaces to inspire you. For Tidal, life continues beyond the beach. And we plan to capture and curate that experience with Tidals in tow, of course!

Soho Beach House

An easy oasis from the South Beach crowds and an ideal place to see/meet celebs on holiday!

Faena Hotel

Possibly one of the coolest hotels in the world, and no we don’t suggest you dish out the dough to stay every night here but IT IS worthy every penny to visit for a cocktail while standing in awe of their gold-dipped mammoth skeleton encased in glass on the beach. Yes, you read that correctly.

Not only does Freehand offer hostel-like rooms to book groups, singles, or a private spaces for those who prefer non-hostel accommodation but their Miami location (one of three state-wide) boasts a canopy of bars, dance halls, restaurants and a pool that never ceases to have a party worth attending.

Photo credit: @jessicadslt via Instagram


If you haven’t heard of Wynwood yet, you’ve got the PSA now. It is possibly one of the coolest neighborhoods in Miami and the most art-centric streets you’ve come across. Literally dozens of walls are covered in murals and graffiti from artists all over the world. Enveloping the streets are unique shops and artisan boutiques to shop and dine amidst one of a kind art!

Photo credit @kevin0something via Instagram

Little Havana

I mean, it wouldn’t be a trip to Miami without a visit to Cuba. Take a shortcut, without the headache of custom forms and visit little Havana in Miami.

Vizcaya Museum

Basically the Versailles of Florida, this space is like a walk through what a dream. Vast gardens and sprawling green landscapes will leave you refreshed and wondering, “how come no one ever mentions this place?”

Photo source: Victoria Magazine

Miami Beach EDITION Basement Bowl (and Ice Rink)

The Edition hotels are a chain of luxe boutique hotels all over the world. However, their Miami location knocks the rest out of the park with a psychedelic bowling alley and (get ready)…an ice rink!

Photo source: Twitter

Socks and sandals…you either love the combo or you hate it. Yet somehow we always end up (sometimes in emergency situations) sportin’ the fashion don’t.

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