Tidal Travels: Upstate New York

Living in New York City, almost anyone can attest to the anchor that upstate serves; the beacon (pun intended) of hope of lusher pastures, cleaner air, and cheaper prices. It’s undeniably a place you’ll want to visit at least once and likely never leave…until your cell service never returns and you’re just sick of those morning birds chirping louder than the JMZ.

With all great dad jokes aside, upstate New York has historically served as common stomping grounds for any type of New Yorker; the once in a while visitor, the intern with only a couple months left on their visa, the student, the resident, or the native. From rock and roll queens and kings to iconic artists and designers – you’ll find more than forests and frolicking furrow amidst your Upstate adventure. From hip diners to modern cottages and of course, Woodstock – you’ll find legendary surroundings regardless of what you may be looking for.

For this installment of Tidal Travels we head to the Catskills, New York to peruse the quant corners and delicious diners, the hikes you won’t want to miss and the vintage you’ll be sad you didn’t buy.

Scribner’s Lodge
Phoenicia Diner

Originally published at www.tidalnewyork.com