We’ve all been binge-watching Marie Kondo’s show, “Tidying Up,” on Netflix. There’s no question that she was making career moves long before her show; but now, there is an organizational movement sweeping the masses because of her. So…now that our homes are tidied and an open, energetic container for creativity – let’s talk about what else we can organize.

I was scrolling Facebook a few days ago & saw a post that went a little like this:

“Does anyone have any ideas for sleeping better?? I’ve tried essential oils, melatonin & other health related stuff – but I’m still restless.”

We’ve all been through this – we are constantly looking to the outside world for cures, medications, and health aides that we can add to our regimen to solve our problem. None of us think to look inward. There’s the answer, right there.

The reason for restlessness, overwhelm, mental fog, and an abundance of other “inner issues” is a combination of stress and your brain looking like the inside of your house before you went “Marie Kondo” on it. Our minds can be a storage house of clutter or an organized, minimalist mansion. We choose.

Same goes for our businesses. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking owning your own business is complicated, messy, and involves a ton of moving parts like a wild octopus in the ocean. While there are a lot of moving parts – these parts can be minimized, grouped, organized and simplified. Doing this to our business helps our logical brain process tasks easier resulting in less overwhelm and more productivity.

A change always starts in your mind. Hence why I call this type of work, “housecleaning for your mind.” David Allen created a strategy for clearing your mind called Mind Sweep. Unlike the Mind Sweep, which involves observing and writing down everything in your brain – I like to do a Mind Dump & Sweep.

  • “Dump out/regurgitate” everything in your mind onto paper. (Including to-do lists, errands to run, things to cook, say, do, passing thoughts, etc.)
  • Do a short meditation practice in which you close your eyes and picture yourself, up there standing in your empty brain-space, broom in hand, sweeping and cleaning.

This practice is VERY therapeutic & serene. It allows you to clean out your mind and be hands on and present in the process of doing so.

When it comes to your business, simplify. Simplicity creates ease, and ease creates relief, and everyone wants relief. In my FREE, online mini-course: Tidying Your Mind & Biz, there is a worksheet where we list out all general areas of your business, lumping stuff together into categories. Then, we make simple decisions for each category: do it or delegate it. When we chose to delegate, we do it out of gratitude, love, and respect for ourselves and our businesses. Sometimes, we need help, and we need to honor that.

While you’re at it, try thinking this thought: “I am who I am and this is what it is.” This has been my rooting mantra for a while now. I choose to think this thought from an intention of simplicity & ease. It makes me feel better at the end of the day THANKING myself and focusing on all the hard work I accomplished verses scorning myself for uncompleted tasks.

“View tasks and thoughts as additions to your life, not subtractions from your time.” -Sara Smith

When you chose to do a task, it should bring you joy and happiness because it is an investment to your life. When you “tidy up,” express gratitude for the food and clothes and toys and kids that MADE the mess. Everything is energy. Only keep/ “do” tasks that “spark joy,” as Kondo says, that way when you do each task, you can circulate your energy out into the World, for it to double and make its way back to you!

Tidying up your mind & business is a process – just like Tidying up your home (via the KonMari Process with Kondo). My hope is that you take this article and just get started. Take the leap, commit, and find joy in the thoughts and tasks that fill your life.