Ruben SVGE aka Ruben Chorlton-Owen, a young 18-year-old British YouTube and Tik Tok sensation, started working in 2010. He started his career as YouTuber when he was just nine years old. He says he is doing very well at this moment and he is extremely proud of it.

He ditched his college to pursue his dream as he says;

 “Have a dream? Go for it. Do not let anyone or anything get in your way.”

Upon asked how he managed to do this all in such a young age he said,

 “My motivation comes from the success and people who look up to me consistently.”

Tik Tok Followers and Views

Tik Tok is a video-sharing platform where a user creates a short video of dancing, lip-syncing and other entertaining content. Ruben creates comedic style videos on Tik Tok.

His videos have gathered more than fifty million views within a short span of 5 months. In no more than 5 months he earned eight hundred thousand followers on TikTok.

Video Games Commentary and Music

Besides just singing and song-writing he is also popular among its audience for his Pranks, Rapping, and video game commentary. He started with FIFA and Call of Duty content. His music is found on various platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. He enjoys Boxing, Music and Modeling. Later at the age of fifteen he became involved in the music and fashion industry as well.


Up till now he has collaborated with top brands like Boohooman, Jameson Carter and Crep Protect etc. And now he has been approached by famous artists around the globe to promote their music content in his videos. He signed a deal with Drake to promote his music video. He is also an affiliate of Parris Gachette, Ownage Pranks, Olajide Olatunji and Joe Weller. He dreams of inspiring others to have such goals.

Work in Short Films and Commercials

He has also worked in short films and commercials as both actor and director. His most renowned work includes

  • KSI vs. Weller Live at the Copper Box Arena
  • Daytimers
  • London Zombie Attack Prank

Association With NHS

He has now introduced ” Lockdown clothing” and is actively engaged in helping the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) in this global pandemic.

Advice on how to build the following:

Rubens believes appealing content is the answer. Content should be entertaining and engaging ‘to make a person come back for more.’ Keeping similar content and not confusing the audience with different videos always works in favour of a content creator. He implies to not give up and put in hard work to succeed.

How a huge following helps an individual or a brand?

Numbers matter, as Ruben weens. If fewer people are watching your content, there are fewer chances of you getting discovered. Good things will fall into one’s lap when more people are watching the content. The enormous following generates opportunities and paves the way for money. He believes 100,000 people watching the videos leads to exposure than 100 people viewing it. Large social media following allures money and opportunities.

How to monetize the audience?

Ruben considers three ways to monetize the audience.

  • Selling Merchandise: Selling your products and profiting from them is the easiest way. Creating the products when purchased using advanced booking or on-demand services.
  • Advertisement: Another way of earning money is through advertisement by signing a deal with an artist for a song promotion. It works by uploading a lip-syncing video of the artist’s song and get paid for it.
  • Brands: Promoting brands on your platform is the easiest way to monetize. When promotions are done rights, brands offer a lot of money to showcase their products and services.

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