Oh time will come and time will go but for people like me time runs slow.

There was time as a youngster I would wander through the busy streets taking everything in, people watching and time wasting but never a dull moment.

Time was a plenty and a plenty was mine, endless days and summer wine.

Friends would come and relationships would go and through the time I continued to grow.

Sometimes I’d be hippy and other times I’d be on show but life was go and on I’d go.

As the years pass things seemed slow but then life happens as we all know, though we don’t notice age is not on our side, the loved ones around us grow old on the sly.

Before we know it everything changed and our old friend time doesn’t want to take blame.

Memories are a plenty and a plenty take time but here I sit filled with love and a family all of mine.

And so it would seem despite the adventures that were mine and all the time spent wondering what would I find.

But at the end, my discovery has been sublime because I’ve finally realized there’s just not enough time.

Time, time, time.