Hey buddy:)

Journaling under a nightlight, your mum half asleep beside me with her hands on the belly, and smiling after each kick you make. You bring so much joy and hope to us am eager to fist bump your tiny hand a few months to come. I bet this the feeling my paps felt when I was conceived, chubby cheeks noticeable through the nursery window fidgeting in a cradle.

A missing father-son connection spurs the writing of this time capsule after losing him at quite a young age. Lack of an energetic bond between two people, where one gives and receives with no judgement of choices made , a source to derive energy and sustenance from the relationship.

Your choices are your currency in life. Build upon them right or wrong they are what defines a character. We are gifts of imperfection bound by the power of love and belonging in this family unit,no matter the choices we make good or bad. I believe that some questions only a father could answer. If such moments came across your mind here’s a few inherent tracks you can follow to find your answers

Power of love.

Love and protect the queen at all times. Your mum is the strongest foundation our family grows upon. A bottomless well to draw strength and resilience in any situation you came across. Learn a lot from her especially communication. The single strand that runs through good relationships in family or friends is simply good communication. Listen first then express your thoughts; hereby you’re more likely to give a creative response or a mutual understanding without undermining each other’s point of view.

Love is a verb, words not endorsed by actions are just words. Live in the moment and give all you can to the lucky girl who’ll fall for you. When she takes longer to reply your text keep calm it’s not anything bad about you. Women of all ages are more thoughtful and collected before they respond to anything. Save up some cash and take her to a concert by The Script Danny the lead vocalist will sing some sense into her or just grow a full beard in college chics dig that-let it grow for a month or two, trim with scissors trimmers chew down your progress, moisturize, then evenly apply organic beard oil . BOOM! Watch your call log getting longer.

How to learn anything.

Pick up a craft early enough by trying out new ventures until you get a match. I believe there is no such thing as innate talent but deliberate practice gives you a head start into expert performance on anything. The God is in the details, focus on your craft long enough to notice patterns to be pretty good on a skill. My quest for a max rank on Battlefield 4 was achieved at ease by taking note of my response time- quick reflex to enemies’ motion sensors held down a steady pace for the title. Get heavily involved, know the value of your contribution and go for what you want.

Photo by michael podger on Unsplash

We are lucky to be born in an information era. Information is what we trade on to command fluency at any field. Conquer the fear of abundant information to gain clarity to see connections that were invisible before. This is your way to Mastery.

A noble character is not a thing of chance, but a result of continued effort in thinking right. Expose your mind to a lot of positive thoughts, pick one thought to focus on, and blur all the background noise off your mind like a nifty 50 lens does. Just enough sense to stick with something a chore, task, or project pays off much better than a genius mind.

Be observant and patient to be an Outlier. I can only influence a fraction of your decisions in your life. Pick one or two things in opportunities you came across. Society will engrave imaginary paradigm which you may not easily escape, book a ticket and travel wide to experience different cultures or fill up that bookshelf to open your mind. The extra mile is never crowded yet filled with advantages only attainable in that mile. Volunteer with a goal to know more not to earn more, this is a fine line buddy prone to giving up without self-motivation. Success lays in the interconnection of insights acquired from your accumulated knowledge.

Focus through meditation.

Center yourself in the present moment, the present will soon become a past. Live life to discover yourself .My daily scorecard is guided through stoic meditation; evaluate what you did well, what you did not do, and what you could have done better.

Love you champ! beyond logic you’ve changed me a lot since that test turned positive.Its unbelievable such beauty can ooze out from a cruel world.

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