I miss the power of NOW too often. Can you believe it’s Fall already?! Did I notice enough moments? Was my mind filled with to do’s, worries, anxieties, fears, and not enough balance in my life? Was I thinking about the future too much, or what I can’t seem to resolve from situations of the past?

How many moments of NOW did I miss? Breaths I didn’t breathe in slowly or deeply enough, the shapes of clouds in the sky I missed, birds I didn’t hear?

This is not to shame me into yet another thing to feel guilty about, but it is here pouring out of my heart to yours this morning to encourage all of us to notice more moments today. This. Now this. Here. Now. Experiment today. Do your regular life-thing, but have the consciousness to stop to suddenly notice you, beautiful you, here now.

Feel your now.

Today. Take moments that are only for precious YOU. Any amount is more than you had before. Breathe in slowly and deeply, allowing more healthy air into your being, and as you breathe in and out, I invite you to breathe in love, pure unconditional love for beautiful you…beautiful you that tries so hard, that is courageous and strong and has gone through so much.

Know that under the muck of your thoughts and the heavier parts of your life is pure love.

Love you now. In an appreciative, respectful and glorious way.

And then…spread that warm, open, accepting, grateful, tolerant and compassionate feeling to all the precious people on our planet.