A fly-fishing experience has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I see it as a very intentional and peaceful activity. The vision of standing knee deep in a cool bubbling river, casting a line to just the right spot seems grounding and relaxing. And then there’s the explosive thrill of setting the hook and reeling in a fish that sounds challenging and exhilarating. The perfect balance of patience and attention, focus and rest. The catch-and-release protocol for sustainable fly-fishing is even better, more like a game and less like a hunt which makes this type of fishing more attractive and appealing.

The moment I heard that the famed Colorado Springs’ Broadmoor Resort and Spa also had a Fly-Fishing camp, I knew I had to go. And then I saw the exclusive weekends for women only option! This all girls fly-fishing adventure would be the perfect antidote to 15 months of pandemic restrictions, ongoing work obligations and family responsibilities.

Finding a good friend to join me for this outdoorsy experience was fortunately no problem. Turns out the 55+ girl gang is alive and kicking and older women are much spunkier than the media world wants you to believe. I had friends clamoring to join me.

So I packed my wool socks and thermal undies and off I went to Colorado. The Fly-Fishing camp is located 75 minutes west of the original 5star Broadmoor Resort along a leisurely stretch of Colorado’s famed Tarryall River.

With full disclosure, I must admit we flew into Denver and made our first stop an indulgent overnight at the luxurious Broadmoor Resort. Just enough time for heavenly facials and a superb dinner. We set off the next morning for the wilds of Colorado sufficiently pampered and ready to get down to fishing.

River walk

Situated on 5 miles of private winding river, the camp property is a mix of timbered canyons and grassy meadows. We spent our days fishing for wild brown and rainbow brook trout. along the banks of the river with a private guide named Christopher Ramos. A lifelong fly fisherman, he light-heartedly taught us exactly what to do and patiently untangled our lines, freed us from tree branches, got us unhooked from every imaginable item in and along the river, and helped us net our catch, gently returning each fish back into the water.

Postcard shot of Tsgoyna Tanzman fly-fishing

The picturesque camp is rustically appointed and beautifully restored. The main lodge is lined with fishing history memorabilia and is the cozy spot where all the guests gather for meals. The 7 rustic guest cabins are homey and comfortable with 3 having their own private bathrooms.

Fly-fishing camp Lodge

 The opportunity to spend time in some of Colorado’s most spectacular settings was a treat for this beach bum. The real bonus though was getting to fly fish while getting quality time to bond with a gal pal.

I relish uninterrupted hours with a trusted friend. It is in these cherished moments that we can remove all the masks of self-preservation and celebrate all the juicy vulnerable bits of our lives.

A true friendship is a place of great affirmation, support, and love. Choosing to just be together, and to listen and recount stories, sharing moments in a long life of experiences. The relief of feeling understood and the joy of compassion, authenticity, and naked honesty. To connect deeply with each other, to laugh at the ironies and console one another over the missteps and misfortunes, mourn what once was and dream about what’s next.

The delicate dance and flow of the river mirrored our heart-opening conversations during the days at Fly-fish camp. This is an experience I look forward to repeating in the future.

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  • Dr Sharon Ufberg

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