Time is a funny thing, isn’t it? When we’re having a blast, it’s like someone is pushing the “fast forward” button. In contrast, if we have a two-point lead with three minutes left in the game, it seems like an eternity.

Whether time flies or moves at glacial speed, we have 24 hours in a day and no choice in the matter. We use it or lose it

Ever heard the phrase that “time stands still for no man”? Well, it is as clear as that. Time is always in motion. It does not stop for no one, rich or poor, famous or ordinary, Muslim or Christian, man or woman. Each person is given 24 hours a day to either utilize it or waste it away.

Many of us do not realise the value of time. We waste time on entertainment, fun and such matters which are not important for a successful life. Always use time properly and positively. Never waste time without purpose and meaning at any stage of life says Zeel Thacker.

There is a very famous proverb going thus,Time and tide wait for none. This proverb says that “decisions need to be taken at the moment because if you delay in making your decision, the opportunity may pass before you made up your mind.”

Time is precious because it is running out. While you read this answer your life is ticking by, and you will never get the time back.Using time effectively means different things to different people. Some would consider time spent with friends and family using their time effectively, while others might find working using their time effectively. We should try to spend every moment of our life enjoying it. So whatever you enjoy doing, do more of it.

We shouldn’t spend too much time regretting the past, otherwise we lose the future. Instead of hanging on past mistakes, build up from them and continue forward.

Think of it like this– you are a tree. Some things that happen to you along the way scar your trunk. You cannot get rid of these scars; they are a permanent part of you. But what you can do is grow, making these scars a lesser part of you. And when you scar yourself again, grow even more.

Zeel says time waits for no one. No matter if you are President or Prime Minister. When you got to go. So in this small time of yours you might want to do everything. Take advantage of every opportunity you get. Enjoy every moment. And stop giving your time to those who don’t value the importance of your time. Your time is precious and it is one of the greatest gift you can ever present someone. Keep some time for yourself too.

When we look a the time, we just do it for a flash of a second and only try to think how much time is remaining.We always think about the future whenever we look at the time. We never think of the time that has gone-by and never try to access how we spent the hours since we got up. So, next time when you have a glance at the time, take a moment to count the number of hours that went-by after you got up that day and try to recollect what you have done in those hours. This practice will help you in understanding where are you spending your time ineffectively and you’ll try to improve that. To do the things what you love instead of doing the things what others told you.

You are the creator of you life.Time which is gone will never come back so stop focusing on past rather than focusing on present which will make your future better. If you keep on wasting time like gossiping , talking which does not make sense you will regret. Love what you do be it investing in yourself or be it your career. But if you will regret things it will only make you weak don’t regret things there are only lessons.