Happy 1st Week of School!!!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all time hop back to when we were kids and had no concept of time???

Even if you did not have that freedom as a kid, you know what I am describing. So wouldn’t it be great if we allowed ourselves to “unhook” from the illusion of time??

Would you be willing to give yourself permission to do that?

So today was my daughter’s first day of 3rd grade in a new school!

We got to explore some emotions. Feeling nervous this morning for sure (both of us).

What we decided to do on our front porch was sit together and honor it.

So what does that mean? To actually honor your feelings?

Here’s a quick rundown of our “process” and then watch the video for the epic time management tip!!

Did a quick body scan. Noticing butterflies in her stomach. Labeled it as nervous. Then we sat and breathed. Inhaling/exhaling. Honoring that it’s ok to feel nervous. Showing ourselves some love (mind, body and soul).

Then we got to see that being nervous was just to protect us. We got to see that she was afraid of being alone. I asked her if that was true. She said no. I asked what IS true. She said that she always has love in her heart and a great family. I asked her if she could believe in that. Yes! Can you feel brave knowing that truth?

“Yes Mommy. You know what? I go this!”

And she did!!

I invite you to take 10 minutes and go honor the things that you may be feeling and trying to avoid in your system. ​WHEN YOU START DOING THIS YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL LIKE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HUMAN BEING.

Check out the video. I share my best tip from the 8-year old on how to manage your schedule!