As the world awakens to a new reality, the imperative role of women to put together the broken pieces and rebuild society has become more evident and urgent. COVID-19 made us realize this fact even more vividly, starting with the most intimate and basic environment we all know: the home. As a result of the stay-at-home order, we rediscovered that the female figure in the family is the most prominent and influential. From home, that same importance reverberates in every field of life where women are involved. That driving force of womanhood, compared to no other, is precisely what the world needs now to begin its recovery from the impact caused by the pandemic.

Week after week of lockdown revealed the centrality of the female power in the family, where every member felt totally dependent on the woman. Even if men help with household chores, most of the burden falls on the woman’s shoulders. Now, as the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic are gradually lifted and people are returning to their offices, it is impossible to say that we will return to business as usual. New discernments will accompany us back into the world outside the home, such as the impression of the remarkable dedication and determination of the women in everyone’s life which are imprinted on every person and particularly acknowledged during times of despair like the one the planet is now trying to overcome.

The World as Humanity’s Home

It comes as no surprise that the most positive results in curbing the coronavirus pandemic took place in countries run by female leaders, as recently highlighted in world news stories. When women take a greater portion in the leadership of our common global home, meaning the whole of humanity, we will undoubtedly gain from it because there will be less war, fewer problems and conflicts, and better organization of our world overall.

Every man knows that if he expects a good outcome on basically any matter in life, he should consult with the woman at home, since she is more serious and practical than he is. This is something I have observed in many cultures. With few exceptions, even in some countries where women appear to live in the shadows, women are the ones leading and making decisions. It is the woman who determines what happens in the family.

If more men would understand the importance of listening to women when we face multifaceted challenges, the state of the world would change for the better in the way we conduct our lives, in what we acquire, and on which goals we set our sights.

Women Qualities for the Sake of Society

Women are naturally drawn to organize the world like they organize the house so all inside feel comfortable and good. Unlike men, who are more like children who enjoy backyard fighting with their friends, women will not allow the bickering and childish competitions to continue to prevail as they have until the pandemic’s blow. Just like a mother, women are able to put everything in order within society and to stop the struggles and reckless competitiveness. And men will listen. This is comparable to a child’s inclination to listen to his mother. She gave birth to him, fed him and raised him, so she understands how to control him. So why shouldn’t our common global home be administered the same way our families are? If women unite for this purpose and act sensibly, wisely and forcefully, a positive change will happen.

There may be some sensation that women are not necessarily poised and resolute to assume leadership for the world to bring about change to the extent that is required, especially in this healing process from the pandemic. Thus, it is crucial to raise the importance of the roles women should play in all social discourse at the widest possible level.

Probably, there is also a need for a more supportive male force to help bring women together and pave their way. Such a force should stand beside women to encourage them and make way for them to take their deserved place and lead. I am not suggesting that one part of society needs to replace the other. They each learn to complement the other.

Such a dynamic balance between the genders should emanate from the understanding that all of us, men and women, cannot go back to our previous faulty way of life. The old world we constructed is about to implode, and the coronavirus is just the first sign. We must build together a new world where everyone is engaged in cultivating a prosperous yet sustainable society, instead of an imbalanced pattern of pollution and destruction.

This shift does not mean that we have to dismantle everything and build anew, but simply look at businesses and engagements from a new perspective: for the benefit of our children, the entire humanity, and all of nature. Women can provide the keen vision to determine such decisions. In other words, women should establish the prioritized goals and men will implement. Through this mutual cooperation, a common ground of support and understanding will arise.