There is a particularly long, steep hill near my house that lies between two fields. When I’m out running, there are only two things that get me up the hill without having to stop. I count to 100 with my steps, every time my left foot hits the ground and I imagine my dear old dad very gentle pushing me up the hill with his hand at the bottom of my spine.

Belief, not just at this time of year but all year round, can be a very powerful thing. It can make you do things you would otherwise be too afraid to do or think that you can’t. The period of advent with it’s hope and anticipation is the time that many people enjoy more than Christmas Day itself. But with a belief in something, whether that’s Jesus Christ or Father Christmas, it makes this exciting time so much more magical. Why is it though that despite all the science, the last thing many of us struggle or refuse to do is believe in ourselves?

Our mind is by far and away the most powerful machine we have but sometimes, it just needs to be recharged. If you’re full of doubt and negativity over something, perhaps you’re feeling unsure about a presentation or nervous before a meeting, you almost need to think of your brain as a computer. Switch it off and then switch it back on again but this time believe in something different. Look at the positives and back yourself. The only person that can sabotage the things we do with self doubt is ourselves, nobody else can do this so switch it off and believe. Although it’s cheesy to say it, something magical might happen.