Comfort zones are nice and cozy.  We are doing the things we like, and life isn’t too stressful. The only bad thing that comes from this is you are not growing and your business isn’t growing!  Staying in your comfort zone is detrimental to your growth as a business owner!

I help my clients daily on thinking about things in a different way, getting different perspectives and always pushing them to go a little bit further than they are comfortable with!

What does staying in your comfort zone look like to you?

Could it be sending that DM to the girl you think is “better than you”?  You want to connect with this girl, thinking she would be an awesome client, however her website is prettier than yours.  She has a branded photo shoot and 6000 instagram followers versus your 1000 followers and vacation photos.  Why does this scare us?  

Case study:

My client (who has had a business for two months now) just took the leap and messaged a girl last week, who has been in business for THREE YEARS and needed help with finding her ideal client.  This person has had clients, my client has not but my client was able to help her!  So case in point, send that DM next time!

Could it be that you are nervous to ask for the sale?  Ask to jump on a virtual chat?  Nervous to ask for this person to sign up for your freebie? This comes from a lack of confidence in yourself and your offers – the worst case scenario of this is this person says no!  What’s so bad about that?  One little no shouldn’t hurt you because NEWSFLASH we get a lot of no’s in this industry!  #gofortheno !

Could it be that you are playing safe in your business and you truly don’t want to invest in your business?  Into a course?  Into a coach?
$3000 is a lot of money for most.  At the end of the day, you have to trust YOURSELF.  Believe in yourself that you can make your money back, believe your business will be successful and that you are doing the work.  With this one, I promise you; investing a big chunk of change regardless of an amount makes you show up in a way you never have shown up before!  It’s truly insane and that’s why my business has worked.  I have invested into multiple coaches and have always propelled my business forward.  I seek out who I want to work with and I invest the money that I truly don’t have laying around. 

I thrive on helping my clients build solid foundations in their business so they have a sustainable business.  I am absolutely invested in my clients success and I think that is why I have worked with the coaches that I have; because I knew they were invested in my success as well!

So this week I want you to stretch out of your comfort zone!  I want you to do the thing that you have been too scared to do. Let me know how it goes and make sure to reach out and connect!