Damn…just when I thought that weight-lifting, cardio, and tracking my 10,000 steps was the fountain of youth…a new study appears. 

It indicates that playing team sports can prolong life expectancy. Tennis (which only requires two players or maybe just one determined player and a ball machine) leads the list. 

That was something of a relief, because I was afraid that I might need to take up dodge ball, reliving the horrors of my youth when I hyperventilated throughout gym class, terrified that I’d get a ball in the face or the boob.

Contrary to my high school experiences, team sports supposedly have huge mental health benefits, according to a recent article in The Ladders. I can understand why that might be the case. Group activities (especially as we age) combat loneliness. Plus, you can shop for new sneakers and cool tee shirts. 

I’m not inclined to play soccer at this stage of my life. Too much running and mud are involved. My daughters both played and they were usually covered with bruises. Volleyball never really appealed to me. Pickleball (a racket sport) seems to be all the rage among the older population in Arizona (where I live), but who came up with that name?

If you’re motivated, you can learn to play an all-new team sport. But the study inspired me to pick up tennis again.  I played it in my youth. It meets all my criteria — social, cute outfits, and minimal chance of injury. 

Perhaps I’ll even work my way up to tournaments. As long as they aren’t called “Seniors Tournaments” I’m in!


  • Nancy A Shenker

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