We are already told that climate change – or better climate collapse – is the great problem facing humanity today. Fossil fuels are present in all aspects of modern life, but burning them releases carbon dioxide, an invisible gas that heats the Earth through infrared absorption and remains in the atmosphere for thousands of years. In 2018, warming of about 1.2 ° C above the baseline has already had unacceptable effects that will worsen dramatically if warming continues. In the last decade progress has been made in climate science, but there have also been a number of natural disasters related to climate change that affect humans and non-humans. Although the sense of urgency increases,

Definitely, largely responsible for the climate gap that we live, we are to a large extent human. Experts from the world consider that humanity has influenced the warming of the atmosphere, the oceans and the earth, which has generated rapid changes on the planet; compelling reason for governments, companies and individuals to understand that the path that we must undertake with firmness, will and determination to avoid the debacle that is being announced by all the corners of the world.

It is evident that human activities are causing very devastating, damaging and dangerous effects on the climate and most of them have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to clear warnings that require sacrifices and actions especially on the part of the most developed countries. The so-called deniers, together with the lack of international consensus and economic interests, have managed to postpone the adoption of measures that truly manage to stop, or at least reduce, the release of more greenhouse gases, while working on capturing carbon dioxide that is already in the atmosphere.

There is no time for more delays and much less time to lose, since it is important and urgent to face global warming together before its effects are irreversible and what is worse, it carries with them unpredictable consequences. It is to commit all of us to undertake initiatives like Horizon Europe with the main objective of reducing emissions so that the global temperature increases and thus controlling the damages.

It is clear that the increasingly intense and frequent extreme weather events are already a sign that we are altering the climate. We cannot wait any longer and we must put economic resources and look for scientific alternatives to change the trend and thereby avoid the great threat that it represents for the environment and for people. Science says that the direct effect of humans on global warming is undeniable, it has already been demonstrated and is recognized by the political leaders of the main countries of the world that it is now and not later the time to act for the good of all; otherwise, as Dr. Debra Roberts says, “The next few years are likely to be the most important in [human] history.”