We are currently getting used to a new reality and terms such as social distancing or self-quarantine. Many of us are working remotely, using tools that allow us to have virtual meetings, conferences, workshops, and networking meet-ups. What does this mean for the future of our work? Will this imposed way of working bring more benefits than expected?We did not choose to change our ways voluntarily, there are lots of uncertainties and questions we all have. However, we are trying our best to adjust, adapt, to work, to see the positives and mixing technology with going back to basics is the way to go. 


I grew up in Poland during the communist regime. My parents lived with my grandparents until they were lucky enough to take over the apartment when my grandfather finished building his house. Most households were made up of 3 generations – grandparents, parents, and kids. 

Why am I telling you this? Because we have found ourselves spending 24/7 with our closest family. We are working, cooking, relaxing… together. We are capable of adapting to change much quicker then we think. In a way, we are going back to the basics. Yes, there is less privacy but we are learning how to work together. We are not rushing around as much as we typically do during a day. We have more time at home to cook, eat together, be active, homeschool, enjoy each other’s company, and to “be in the moment”. 


Working remotely and using online tools to stay connected both professionally and socially can be a lot to take on. Some of us are used to it, others may face challenges. For those who are used to going into an office each day it is a good idea to have a coffee break or virtual meeting with colleagues. This is an opportunity to stay in touch and feel more grounded. Personally, my professional life is half virtual and half face to face. I work with LinkedIn to network, to build personal brands, to connect people and to share value. Zoom has been a game-changer for my virtual networking meetings, conference calls, and daily meetings. It is a convenient way to meet, plan, and execute. I am sharing what works for me in hopes that it can make work life easier for you. 

Once again, I am convinced that we all have the capacity to learn and adapt quickly. In my opinion, this is our chance to reframe the way we work and make a positive impact. Working from home and hosting virtual events, workshops, webinars, and conferences allows for flexible working hours, efficient results, less travel/commuting, less pollution, and less stress (well, unless there are technical issues). I believe that we all have to be creative and think out of the box, however, as entrepreneurs we must be extra innovative to keep our businesses going. We can support and inspire one another. These are trying times, especially since routines have changed significantly, our comfort zones have been shaken to the core but one of my mottos is: Together we are stronger. Let’s share valuable tips and tools, reach out to our colleagues, keep networking, have virtual coffees and stay connected. 

I do hope we learn that there are alternative ways to work, conduct meetings, workshops, have conference meetings and that they can be just as effective as our every day/ traditional ways. Change often comes unannounced.

Maybe I am a hopeless optimist but the current situation could be a way to make an impact on the way we live, work and how we choose to spend our time.