Timing is Everything which is why I talk as much about Astrology as I do my life’s work; Feng Shui. In Feng Shui we look to nature to inform the natural order of things and to the skies and planets to inform the timing of things. Just as there are seasons for plants and flowers to bloom and animals to mate, there are seasons for the realization of themes and dreams.

I write this as the Chinese New Year approaches on 1.28.17. It’s the year of the Yin Fire Rooster and I happen to be a Rooster in Chinese Astrology so I am all the more intrigued! In spite of all the political and social drama of recent months, I have high hopes for this year and want to make the most of it…

Here’s the deal, the first half of 2017 is a little like the movie Groundhog Day because we have a series of back to back retrogrades some of which overlap. Retrogrades are when planets and the themes they represent backtrack. They call for revisiting and reconsidering in order to release what isn’t working and move forward with what is. January of 2017 started with Mercury, the planet of communication and technology already retrograde until January 8th. This set the tone.

There is a brief window of direct planetary energy from January 8th to February 6th and if you are reading this before February 6th 2017, you still have time to take advantage of it. If not, no biggie there’s another window in May, besides Retrogrades have value and purpose in our lives and so do Eclipses.

February is going to be intense!!! We have 2 Eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse on February 10th and a Solar Eclipse on February 26th. Eclipses herald endings and beginnings in non negotiable ways. It’s the universes way of cleaning house and making sure you’re on the right path. Whatever in your world is no longer serving you will be removed and replaced with something new and better suited for you. So be gentle with yourself and others as eclipse season can be very emotional.

But wait, there’s more! Jupiter is going retrograde from February 6th to May 9th, followed by Venus retrograde from March 4th to April 15th, followed by Mercury Retrograde April 10th to May 3rd of this year.

A fertile period for major launches, planting energetic seeds and new beginnings opens up later this year from May 21st to July 25th so mark your calendars!

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and good fortune and he’ll be napping through May so until late May 2017 it’s probably not the best time to make big investments or take huge financial risks. Research your options and be conservative where it comes to your finances. Make your big moves from May 21st to July 25th!

Venus is the planet of beauty and love and she also brings abundance. Venus wants you to look inward… Even though she doesn’t go retrograde until March 3rd, she will already be in her shadow period in February affecting Valentines Day on February 14th, 2017. Her nap will be felt where it comes to aesthetics, your looks, your taste, and most importantly your romantic life. It’s not advised to get married, start a brand new relationship or dramatically change your looks, style or decor during this time. You can however work on the relationship you are in or revisit a relationship from your past or go back to a prior aesthetic or style. You get the idea…

Therapy and any self help and self love programs are extremely beneficial at this time. This is the time to make the most of what you have. Look inside and look back before you move forward. With all this planetary activity, I have a feeling anybody working in therapeutic industries and services will see a spike in business. My Feng Shui and Space Clearing practice Narrative Space www.narrativespacefengshui.com is basically Space Therapy so I tend to see more business during such times. I help people align their energetic narrative with their hopes and dreams and create the space for them to thrive.

I liken Astrology to a thematic weather report. It helps to know what’s happening out there in the cosmos and how it might impact you and those around you so you can better prepare yourself. I think it’s empowering to know the universal ebbs and flows so you can plant the energetic seeds of your dreams when the ground is fertile such that your dreams can bloom. What Feng Shui is to Space Planning, Astrology is to Timing and guess what, timing is everything! Happy New Year!

Originally published at medium.com