I love this time of year, when the days are darker and the nights are longer – it’s almost as if we’re given an invitation to slow down even more, sit still with ourselves more, and listen to the secrets of our soul more.

Because in that stillness, there’s always a quiet voice that tells us our soul’s deepest longings, and where our next steps lie… if only we slow down enough to listen to it.

I have a tiny technique I’ll share with you to do just that! So we can have a…
a more mindful, more intentional, more conscious 2018!!

Start a journal!

No – don’t run away yet! I did say it’s a tiny technique 🙂

And that’s to start a one-liner journal.


Bringing our attention toward condensing and consolidating everything we’re thinking, feeling and expressing into one single sentence brings clarity to what our soul is speaking. 

As opposed to the rambling journaling method, where we pour everything on paper, and hope to find clarity by the end of our writing – that’s an excellent technique that really does work! However, overtime, it can also become a chore for some – the daily journaling slips into becoming a weekly journal; and then a monthly one; and then an occasional one; and then none at all.

With the one-liner journal, we’re trying to bring back the ritual of writing everyday. Practicing to sit for a moment of stillness everyday. And learning to connect with our soul everyday.

And then, at the end of the year, you’ll be able to go back and read and look back at the year you’ve had, and the growth and evolution your year’s journey has been!

Ready to try it?


#1. You could keep your journal by your bedside and when you wake up, set an intention for your day ahead, and write it in.

#2. Or you could have it next to your cozy reading chair and a nightly ritual to write one line that would describe your day was, and what you’d like to change or do better going forward.

#3. Or you could carry your journal with you at all times (or on your phone) and write a line in it any time you have an aha moment, or an inspiring thought.

#4. Or you could keep a journal of one-liner quotes that you can look through for motivation on rainy days.

If you’re a life-long journaler, don’t replace your regular ritual with this one! Keep your ritual, and add this tiny technique in addition – it can help bring more focus to your intentions, than the more rambling journals we usually tend to keep.

Tracking your Growth and Evolution

And at the end of the year, you’ll be able to look back at 365 days of your thoughts, observations, emotions, and feelings. You’ll be able to notice when your soul came alive, what brings you most joy, what fears might be holding you back, and what roadblocks you overcame. 

And what a beautiful journey it will be, to watch your own growth and evolution!

Originally published at www.nestintheforest.com