Marriage is the recognized union between two individuals as partners in a personal relationship. Historically, it is a union between a man and a woman, but nowadays it can be between two individuals of the same gender.

Marriages go through rough times at times, and some fail to survive, ending up in divorce.

The following are some of the tips that can be adapted to keep the marriage standing.

1. Saying I Love You To Each Other

This is usually a constant reminder of how you feel about your spouse. It is a small gesture that goes a long way to keep your connection alive. You can call each other during the day to tell your spouse “I love you”, better still, you can send them a card with the message ‘I love you’.

2. Communication

Communication is the act of sharing information between two people. A marriage can only work when there is communication between the husband and the wife. Good listening and communication glues a marriage together. Not everyone has the skill of listening, but one has to make an effort to learn. If when with your spouse you tend to talk more and not listen, then communication becomes a problem. Interrupting or talking when your spouse is talking makes it difficult to understand what your spouse is saying, especially when your ideas or thoughts are different from theirs.

Listening to your spouse when he or she is talking shows respect to them and whatever they are saying. Even when your idea is different, you still need to admire the thoughts and feelings of your spouse, this makes your spouse feel valued.

Communication also helps spouses to understand each other and move forward with the situation at hand. Understanding each other avoids fights, abusive words and many more.

3. Defining Boundaries Around You

This dictates how much time you spend with the extended family and outsiders; this also determines their interference with your marriage. As a couple, have your own time scheduled into your routine and define the ways of connecting with the extended family and friends. Your marriage and family should be a priority.

4. Forgiving Each Other

In marriage, you will hurt each other once in awhile, at times on purpose, for example after a misunderstanding. Forgiveness is key as no one is perfect. When you wrong your partner, be quick to apologize and resolve the problem, by doing this you encourage forgiveness and strengthen your marriage. One should humbly admit their mistakes and not expect your partner to be perfect. Do not bring up and past mistakes to victimize your spouse. Also, do not get revenge when mistakes happen. Forgiveness sets your heart free and relationship free.

5. Communication

Talking and listening to each other is key to a healthy marriage. Always tell your partner what is going on, never assume that they know. As a spouse, you should also know when to just listen. Being married and becoming one does not mean you share the same opinion with your spouse about everything. Effective communication helps in developing a strong bond between spouses as it eliminates chances of misunderstanding and unrealistic expectations. You should be able to listen to your spouse. You must spend some time together more often for meaningful conversations.

6. Respect

When a spouse fails to respect the other, they tend to develop negative habits. It is good to treat your partner the way you would want them to treat you.

You should respect all aspects of each other. This is seen in the way you respond to each other, your attitude and how you hold each other’s opinion.

7. Intimacy

Intimacy in marriage opens your union to a new level of enjoyment and oneness. It does not always mean being physically intimate but can also be emotional. It is good to differentiate between emotional and physical intimacy and when each is appropriate.

Bottom Line

It takes a lot of work and sacrifice to maintain a healthy marriage. Even after building a healthy marriage, you still need to nurture it to keep it healthy. Just the same way a healthy body results from regular exercise and good diet; the above points among others, if adopted can make a marriage to thrive.