Many people consider traveling a huge passion. Seeing beautiful new parts of the world has a thrill like no other. However, traveling usually comes with lack of sleep, which often leads to stress. Long plane rides, red-eye flights, and time zone changes are certainly no joke.

Not to freight. Sleep doesn’t have to lead to stressful situations and irritable attitudes. Here are three certain hacks to help you get your best night’s sleep while traveling that will have you feeling ready to explore when you get to your destination. Can I get a hallelujah?! Say goodbye to your fears of traveling overseas for lack of sleep.

1. Bring ear plugs

Hostels are the craze when traveling abroad, especially for college students, when ballin’ on a budget. Sure, hostels are your cheapest option, but it’s important to remember that you don’t know who will be sleeping near you… and if they snore, yikes. All of this to say, always bring earplugs wherever you go. Earplugs are great for the plane/car ride to block out noise, and for wherever you choose to stay.

2. Don’t nap 

Not napping is key. It’s so tempting to want to nap as soon as you get off your plane (especially when you’ve changed time zones!), but don’t do it. Try your best to stay awake until night time so your body can adjust more naturally. To help make the transition more natural, it’s smart to start going to sleep at the same time every night a week prior to your trip. In addition, waking up at the same time (maybe a little earlier than usual) helps as well. Be sure to limit your screen time before bed and have a quality mattress to help get your best sleep.

3. Drink water

It’s incredibly important to drink water and stay hydrated to feel more energized. Drinking sodas and coffee on long plane/car rides can make you feel more tired by dehydrating you. Many people complain of digestive issues keeping them up during the night when traveling. Be sure to eat your meals at the same time as you usually do in your daily routine. Your meal schedule, along with lots of water, can help your body adjust more naturally and allow you to get a solid seven to eight hours of shut-eye.

Taking care of your body should always come first and foremost when traveling. The fear of sleep issues shouldn’t keep you from seeing new places, eating exotic food, and meeting incredible friends. When fully rested and energized, traveling becomes a million more times enjoyable.