Finding a good repairman who you can trust and who will give you the results you expect is not always easy. It is not enough to be nice. You also have to be professional and offer competitive prices.

 Reputation and recommendation

As they often say, a good reputation takes years to build and can be ruined in an instant. If you’ve heard good things about a repairman from family, friends, or even coworkers, there’s definitely a good reason. Hiring a company that has proven itself is a guarantee of security. This gives you the assurance of getting the results you want. If you don’t know someone you know who knows a repairman they’ve dealt with before, you can check out the online reviews on Google and Facebook to get your head around.

A local business on a human scale

Being from the region is not necessarily the main criterion when it comes to choosing a repairer. But more and more consumers are keen to support local businesses. Same day appliance repair service in Ottawa is a business on a human scale. This is not necessarily the case with certain franchises that operate in our sector of activity.

Feeling close and trusting your repairman is important. Knowing that he genuinely cares about you and will do whatever it takes to meet your needs promptly gives you peace of mind. In case of emergency, rest assured that same day appliance repair service in Ottawa will do everything in its power to help you. For us, you are not just a number.

Years of existence and experience

Everyone prefers to deal with an experienced repairer who has repaired thousands of devices before yours. An experienced appliance repairer will quickly determine the cause of the failure, which means savings for you. We make sure that our technicians keep their knowledge up to date. This is why we regularly attend training sessions offered by manufacturers. Same day appliance repair service in Ottawa works tirelessly to offer you the best possible service with the help of our team and using the best tools available.

Quality of parts

There are several qualities of parts. Using top quality certified parts is the best way to extend the life of your devices and ensure that they will stay in good working condition for a long time to come.


Find out about the guarantees that are offered on the replacement parts that will be used to carry out the repair. A warranty protects you and gives you peace of mind. It covers you if your appliance breaks down again if the part that was replaced fails during the warranty period.


No one wants to wait days or even weeks to get a date. It is difficult to live without certain household appliances. When you’re faced with an emergency, knowing you can count on a trusted repair company lets you face adversity with confidence. We are used to responding to emergencies, especially when it comes to a refrigerator or a washing machine without which it is difficult for a family to function.