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After a prolonged day of work, we go home in anticipation of having a place to kick back and relax.  However, our homes can cause stress in our lives if it is a giant mess all the time.  For those of you living in the city, living space is limited.  With smaller spaces to work with, it is easy for people to slip behind and create an ongoing collection of clutter.  However, no one likes coming home to a messy apartment, condo, or house.  If you are finding yourself coming back to a cluttered apartment, being embarrassed about inviting people or constantly finding yourself misplacing things, it might be time to buckle down and tackle the issue at hand.

Clutter can build up anywhere in your home.  Most common places for clutter are the living room, bedroom, basement, and attic.  We spend most of our living in the bedrooms and living rooms.  For those who do have a basement or attic, it is a common area to stuff whatever we don’t need. For many, New York apartments aren’t always the most spacious living arrangements.  It is straightforward for belongings to accumulate and create disorder and disarray.

The first step to decluttering your room is to admit that you have fallen victim of clutter.  You can ignore the issue at hand, but the longer you wait, the harder it is to have an organized living space.  Having an organized and clean home isn’t as complicated and daunting as it may seem.  Dedicate one day to sort through your belongings and rearrange your apartment or house.  It’s a great time to have everyone, roommates, family members, etc. to help out.

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It is always hard to part ways with our belongings, but in order to have any form of organization, it is sometimes crucial to part ways with some of your belongings.  If you find that you would like to keep much of your belongings, but they have no immediate use, then consider in getting self-storage.  Storage units like storage units Lakewood is great investments for long term residents.  It can be great for any usage or occasion.

To help you on your journey of decluttering your home, lean on some organizational tools to help you along the way.  Found this great site for cleaning schedules and checklists. Check out cleaning schedules right now. It’s pretty neat! Simple things such as labels, hangers, boxes, clear plastic bins, and drawers are all beneficial and cheap.  You can purchase these items anywhere—Target, Crate & Barrel, and so forth.  Organizational aides are not only very handy, but they also help better manage your space and put it to good use.

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Once you take the time to make the major move for a more organized environment, the next step is to maintain the organization on a day to day basis.  It doesn’t take much to keep organized.  Simply take out a few minutes each day to put things back to where they belong, you can be surprised to how clean and organized you can keep your home from week to week.