Sleep is key to staying healthy and happy, especially during times like these. And while it might sometimes be tough to settle down and get those seven to nine hours each of us wants and needs, there are simple strategies that can help us ease our minds and bodies into a good night’s rest. Here are three great tips for getting quality sleep.

“I make sure that I’ve put my phone or laptop down at least 40 minutes prior to going to bed. I find this helps me sleep better. Also, I love white noise or thunder sounds from YouTube — they give me the best sleep ever.” 

—Shakirah Johnson, Dunwoody, GA

“I keep a consistent sleep schedule and go to bed at the same time each night. I average about seven hours of sleep. I listen to relaxing music, and also avoid looking at any social media or news outlets that could be stressful right before I go to bed.” 

—Rhonda Rea, Brent, AL

“Chamomile tea helps me relieve stress and get to sleep at night, so I have a cup or two before I go to bed.” 

—Kiawana Harris, Atlanta, GA