Lying face down on a comfortable table with a soft blanket draped over your back, you look around at the candles illuminating the dimly-lit room as you let the soothing spa music lull you into a tranquil state of relaxation.  This is my happy place, and it’s my favorite way to relax and recharge.  There are a few things you can do to make your massage experience perfect!


·      ARRIVE EARLY– You often have to fill out forms and you’ll want some extra time to relax in the lounge in those fluffy cotton robes.

·      TALK TO YOUR MASSEUSE– They want you to have a wonderful experience and need to know your expectations.  Tell them what you want to get out of this massage (Relaxation? Tension release?). Is there any part of your body that hurts?  What kind of pressure do you prefer? Tell them what you’re comfortable with and if there’s any medical history that will affect your massage.

·      FOOD– Stay away from large meals or too many drinks before your massage.  You don’t want to feel bloated or uncomfortable if you suddenly have to use the bathroom.

·      AROMATHERAPY– Are there any scents you don’t care for?  I’m not a huge fan of lavender and if I don’t mention this, I get so bummed when suddenly I smell it being rubbed all over me. 

·      GENDER– I’ve had massages from both men and women and I’m just more comfortable with a woman masseuse.  I always request one when booking. 

·      SHAVING– If you have sensitive skin, you may want to shave the night before your massage so the oils do not cause you to have a reaction.

·      PAY– If you take care of your payment before your massage then you can leave right after.  (Always a plus if you feel greasy.) Why interrupt your state of bliss by waiting in line to pay?

·      DRESS COZY– Wear cozy clothes to the spa.  You don’t want to deal with tight jeans, belts, and heels after relaxing.


PRESSURE– If you’re not happy with the pressure of the massage, mention it to your masseuse.  I have a hard time doing this because I’m afraid I’ll offend them but I often regret not speaking up.

STAY IN THE MOMENT– You’re probably paying big bucks for this so don’t waste it by making a grocery list in your head.  (Guilty!) Take some deep breaths, focus on the music, and enjoy every blissful minute.

PHONE– If possible, leave your phone in the changing area or at least turn off your ringer. 


·      AFTER-TREATMENT AMENITIES– Many spas have a sauna, steam room, or shower you can use.  You might as well extend your pampering for another hour!

·      ENJOY THE LOUNGE AREA- Many spas will tell you to take your time after your massage.  Don’t jump right back into the hustle and bustle.  Say yes to the cup of tea or flavored water and sit back in the lounge to enjoy the quiet.

·      SHOWER– You just had your muscles squeezed for an hour so you’ll want to take a warm bath or shower to loosen them up. 

·      HYDRATE– You’ll want to drink plenty of water after your massage to flush all the toxins out. 


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