Starting a new job during times of uncertainties, COVID-19, and so many other things that may be going on in your life can be a real challenge. Many people lost their jobs due to the epidemic and had to take a position in a totally different field and learn a whole new set of skills. There are many things we can not change in our lives but we can change our outlook, mindset and the way we approach the situation. I recently started a new job and the feeling is very fresh for me.

Minimizing Stress: Starting a new position can be challenging, especially when you will be juggling a new job, a family, and have other duties responsibilities like taking care of other members of your family like the elderly. Instead of starting the day off overwhelmed, go easier on yourself and remember tomorrow will be an easier day. Remind yourself that you will know more the next day more than the last. Remind yourself of all the things you overcame already and had learned from your previous position or field and how good you were at it. Reach out to a mentor or a co-worker that is willing and happy to help you learn more and answer any questions you may have. I believe support from a mentor or co-worker is the foundation of helping you minimize stress at your new job and help you achieve your goals and becoming successful at handling your new job responsibilities.

Have an Exercise Routine: I can not stress how important having an exercise routine is to lower your stress levels and keep you healthier. Even if you have time for a quick walk during the day or an exercise that can be done right at home, make it a priority.

Maintain a Healthy Diet: Especially during stressful situations, our body needs nutrients to help us stay healthy. Make sure you are drinking enough fluids, eating fruits and vegetables and a diet that contains a variety of different food groups. During difficult times, we tend to spend less energy on our health and well-being when that is the time our body needs it most.

Do not be so hard on yourself: We tend to be so hard on ourselves and think we may have to learn something in one day. We can do our best and realize everything takes time and find people around you that will remind you that it took everyone time and not everyone became great at something over night. Pay attention to your mental health and make sure you get help and support if you feel you need to.