The landscape, the environment, the orientation towards the sun, the materials, and the ventilation, are some determining aspects when thinking about remodeling your house.


Expand the outdoor areas, if budget and space allow it, for example, creating decks (wooden decks) or terraces in social spaces or in the main room. In this way, ideal rest areas will be generated in this type of climate. Again, take into account the material that you are going to install on the floor. They can be wood, slate or stone type floors. Remember that there are references specially made for outdoors.

Renovate the pool is another interesting change. If it is a drastic change such as an endless pool design with a lost horizon (where the optical illusion that the water extends to the horizon occurs), analyze your budget, the type of work, and the times before starting the project. If it is only to replace the floor, choose a reference that you like, but above all keep in mind that it is a non-slip material, to guarantee safety in that area.

Creating an area for the barbecue is a good idea to gather family and friends. It does not have to be a very large space, it can be a corner delimited by the floor and a hedge of flower pots, for example. Of course, it has enough meters to be able to install the barbecue and an auxiliary table.  

Inside the house

Remodel your kitchen in order to make it more functional. Take a good look at the area and design of the kitchen, to see if you can install an island in the center. This will give you additional space to share with friends and family when cooking. Expanding the windows allows more natural light to enter and in turn, you can enjoy the landscaping Toronto.

The skylights in the bathrooms are an excellent option for good lighting to enter this space. Another more daring and contemporary alternative is to leave the shower under the open sky.

For the bathrooms, you can contemplate the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalling a shower tower, a rain shower, or a water curtain. This way you will turn your bathroom into a small personal spa for the relaxation and rest that you and your family deserve.

You can place in the shower area about two or three good-sized native plants that surround this space.

Ideally, in hot land is that the social area (living room and dining room) is an open space, without walls or divisions to give a feeling of greater spaciousness and freshness. The delimitation of the areas can be done in a subtle way, taking advantage of, for example, a dividing column or a step, the arrangement of furniture, among others. Installing a decoration on the wall is also a very good option that, in addition, does not require major interventions.

Small changes in decoration

Another way to transform spaces is through very simple changes in the decoration.

In the rooms, you can install new curtains. Think light and light-toned to add shine to these places. A few very light shades or subtle veils can be a great alternative.

The baskets in the bedrooms and in other spaces such as the study and the laundry are also welcome. There are many options that will also help you organize and maintain order.

Finally, think about the entrance hall to the house. Remember that the first impression is always the most important. Clean and simple spaces are on the rise, have only one piece of furniture and a small plant to welcome your guests.