The holidays stir a lot of wonderful memories and excitement for people, including when we see them as continuations of childhood traditions brought into adulthood. So why do the holidays often feel stressful? 

Maybe it’s the responsibilities we face to make the holiday season memorable. There’s a potetial influx of relatives coming around to visit, presents that need to be bought and wrapped, dinners to be planned and cooked, all while balancing daily tasks. Stress can influence all this merriment and it doesn’t just put a damper on the moment; it also causes physiological issues because of cortisol, which your body produces in response to stress. Cortisol, in small doses, is completely natural and normal, but too much of it can create health complications. 

While we might not want to view it this way, its okay to acknowledge that it can all get a little stressful. The holidays are crazy and beautiful and hectic and magical all at the same time! Before you get a chance to burn out, I’m here to share with you my top stress-relief tips to make this season a fun one!

#1: A Little Bit of Meditation

Incorporating meditation into your life shouldn’t be just another chore to get through. Sitting with yourself and finding the right rhythm to step into for the day can really make a difference in how you manage stress. Save those first five minutes after you wake up to gently awaken and define the day through a mantra like, “I am at peace,” or “I choose joy.” Repeat this phrase as you gently breathe and be present with yourself. 

#2: Practice Mindfulness

 If you’re in the middle of a particularly stressful moment, wandering a department store or cooking six dishes, try being extra present to the situation. What do you smell, see, touch, and hear? How does your body feel? This can all be done in a matter of minutes and it’ll help center and be aware of your environment. 

#3: Find Time for Self Care

Ok, this one takes longer than five minutes but hear me out! Entertaining family and checking off errands on our to-do lists each come with a sense of satisfaction. But self care is essential to avoiding burnout and maintaining a positive attitude. Make time in your day for things that relax you and give you outlets. Schedule your work out class, block out a period for reading, plan for a coffee break with a friend, or any activity that will help you recharge.