Maintaining Your Mental Health in College

Tips for Maintaining Your Mental Health in College

Mental health can be defined as emotional, mental, social wellbeing of a person. Students in colleges are often under stress and anxiety due to heavy load of studies and academic pressure. If the mental health becomes poor then the academic performance will be impacted in negative manner. Therefore, there is a need to maintain good mental health in college and there are certain ways in which it can be done such as:

Never skip sleep

Many of the students spend so much time on their mobile phones at night which leads to lesser sleep hours. This is often ignored by students as they believe sleeping is only for re energizing and reduce tiredness. In actual, sleep deprivation can negative impact the mental health of the person because it results in disability to multitask and also reduces the concentration level which impacts the productivity negatively. Therefore, it is recommended that the student shall have the at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep everyday for better feeling and sharper mind (Small and Vorgan, 2016). The prolonged use of electronics can be cut and strict schedule for sleeping can be followed to gain mental health of the person.

Keeping yourself active

Activeness not always means to engage in sports, exercising or hitting the gym. A simple yoga session, housework, and long walks etc can also aid in keeping a person active. It is proven by many studies that staying active physically aids in improving the state of mind. Being physically active will reduce the help the student to block negative through keeping away from distraction of daily worries. According to Economics Assignment Help Engaging in physical activities like exercising is not just good for keeping the body in shape but it also improves the pattern of sleep and lifts the mood up. Studies have revealed that yoga is helpful in beating depression, stress, and anxiety and provide inner peace as well (Streeter, et al., 2012). Therefore, 30 minutes of physical activity on regular basis can aid in improving the mental state and health of the student.

Developing habit of healthy eating

Nursing Assignment Help says that Entering into college life is a new experience for every student. They meet new people and also develop new habits such as smoking and drinking which impacts their mental health negatively. These practices shall be avoided and healthy eating shall be practiced instead. Brain requires nutritional mix for functioning well and staying healthy. Fast foods, caffeine intake, smoking, and drinking can have long-term repercussions on both mental and physical health. Students can take care of their mental health by taking a balanced diet which includes nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits, dairy pro. ducts, oily fish, wholegrain cereals, and lots of water (Colbin, 2013). The college going students usually age between 18 to 24 and therefore it is recommended for them to take at least three meals a day to keep their body and mind healthy.

Developing a network for support

Student life could be stressful due to academic pressures and job related worries. It is important for the students to have an individual or group who are always ready to help them out when they face problems. The supporting network may include teachers, family, and friends with whom the student can share problems and seek for professional help personal and academic matters (Wang and Eccles, 2012).