When life gets busy, it always feels like our best habits are the first thing to disappear. Despite our good intentions, managing a healthy routine while trying to keep a business, family, and personal life functioning can feel overwhelming. Making time for ourselves to keep up those good habits is the best way to ensure that we’re taking care of ourselves and our wellness. I believe in making wellness a part of daily life and making an effort to incorporate it into the busiest of workweeks. Over the years, I have learned a few tricks and tips that might help you on your own journey. Here is my advice for managing wellness while leading a busy life:


Everyone always talks about how important exercise is, but that’s because it is true! Taking the time to decompress and reflect through movement is incredibly important. Whether it’s taking a walk, keeping up your yoga practice, installing a Peloton, or lifting weights in the gym – finding movements that you enjoy is important. Not everyone is a runner, but we live in a time where we can access so many types of exercise. I have noticed that by making time for exercise, I sleep better at night and think more clearly during the day. It is also incredibly important when it comes to reducing the feeling of anxiety or depression. Wellness starts with movement – learn how to schedule your time in a way that allows you to put your health first.

Talk to your support regularly: 

Maintaining your wellness means taking the time to maintain your relationships and social connections. Having friends, family, and colleagues, who support you is so important in feeling fulfilled in your life and work. By regularly communicating with these people, you can build healthy, rewarding connections and help to separate yourself from other responsibilities. A support network will also help remind you that work is a part of life, but life is not your work. Being able to set boundaries and have times for these relationships will make you a stronger person and friend.

Eating right and indulge 

When trying to manage a busy work schedule, it’s easy to skip breakfast or opt for a quick snack rather than taking the time for a proper meal. Taking the time to put proper food into your body is a must. My best tip? Find your favourite shops that can offer a quick fix or meal prep for the week. You can also get a cooler in your car & fill it with snacks. Food is fuel and the fuel you put into your body will reflect on your productivity throughout the day. As important as nutrition is, I also firmly believe that we all need to indulge now and then and treat ourselves to the things we enjoy. Whether it’s your favourite cheesy pasta or a decadent piece of chocolate cake, you should be enjoying what you love without worrying about the consequences. Never feel guilty to indulge! This is what life is about – enjoying those simple pleasures. 

Get your 8 Hours of Sleep!

This one might sound a bit redundant, but I speak from experience when I say a good night’s sleep can make all the difference. That does not mean 8 hours for everyone, for some of us, it might just be 6. The important thing is that you’re giving your body and mind time to reset, reset, and prepare for the next day. Making this time for yourself is the best way to create a clear head and create space for a better tomorrow. Take the time to go to bed a little bit earlier and your body with thank you! If you have a family and getting enough sleep is a challenge, make sure to schedule a time for yourself where you can shut off fully and reflect!